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Moonpay Acquires Web3 Creative Agency Nightshift

Moonpay Acquires Web3 Creative Agency Nightshift

Moonpay, a crypto payment service, has just acquired Web3 creative agency Nightshift. The aim in this is to further Moonpay’s mission and provide a complete set of Web3 services to its clients.

Moonpay, the crypto payment service, has acquired the Web3 creative agency Nightshift.

Moonpay’s Aquisition of Nightshift

Nightshift, the Toronto-based Web3 agency, is being acquired by Moonpay to provide a one-stop shop for brands wanting to enter Web3. This includes offering online currencies and other Web3 technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse experiences. Further, Moonpay, the financial technology company, stated that the acquisition will advance their mission of creating an internet based on ownership that’s accessible to clients.

Moreover, Nightshift has rebranded to Otherlife as a part of the acquisition. The agency will keep its current list of brand clients, which includes Shopify, Adobe, and Arsenal F.C.

“There was a big opportunity for us to come together and now be able to offer the end-to-end lifecycle support for big brands,” said MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright. “Now we can go to any brand that has an idea or wants to enter Web3, and we can help them execute a full end-to-end strategy.”

Keith Grossman, the enterprise president of Moonpay, had some words to say in regards to the acquisition. He said that Nightshift has unquestionably created effective Web3 experiences that “deepen brand engagement.”. He further said that clients don’t care what technologies can help them become successful; they just want to become successful.

Otherlife by Moonpay
Nightshift has rebranded to Otherlife as a part of the acquisition.

About Otherlife

Nightshift, now known as Otherlife, is a Web3 studio that fuses ideas, technology, and experiences together. The agency has an impressive list of clients that includes globally recognized brands along with notable Web3 companies. These include Microsoft, Faze, Opensea, Rug Radio and more.

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