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New Balance Grey Day 2021 – Release Details

New Balance Grey Day 2021 – Release Details

Grey doesn’t seem like your go-to color for a celebrations – unless its a NB party. Like every year, New Balance commemorates the tone that became a symbol for the brand’s signature understated aesthetics with the Grey Day. 2021’s collection features three special sneakers that all put a different spin on that characteristic look.

Keeping it super-classy, the first 574 is a no-frills-version of the orginal silhouette. It first released in the 80s and actually is the result of an experiment: combining a performance sneaker with a trail shoe. The second 574 receives the nickname “Un-N-Ding” and at the same time loses the lateral “N” logos. With its even more reduced style, this one’s for those that even find a basic grey sneaker too gaudy. Lastly, the 57/40 as one of NB’s latest lifestyle silhouettes also receives a grey makover. The shoe proves that this timeless colorway works on modernized models just as perfectly as it does on archive favorites.

New Balance Grey Day 2021 - 1

The reason for the 574’s epithet “The Original Mashup” is that designers actually used leftover materials from the production of its predecessor, the 576. Even though New Balance introduced it as an advanced running sneaker, they didn’t promote the shoe with any famous testimonials. Needless to say, that didn’t hurt the 574’s eventual status as an all-time favorite from the Boston brand.

Release Details – New Balance Grey Day Collection 2021

This year’s New Balance Grey Day Collection launches on May 15, 2021. The three shoes drop via Both 574 colorways go for 90 € each, while the 57/40 retails at 110 €.

Now also check out the incredible art of New Balance collector Decktwo.

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