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OpenSea introduces a set of updates to detect fake NFTs

OpenSea introduces a set of updates to detect fake NFTs

The world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea has been working on bringing more average users to the NFT space for a long time. But while the non-fungible world keeps scaling and evolving, the more scammers willing to capitalize on the hyping projects invade the realm. Thus, to solve the issue of plagiarism, OpenSea has introduced an array of solutions aimed at improving authenticity and eradication of fake NFTs, alongside simplifying the complex verification process.

OpenSea users have long clamored for the platform to solve those malfunctions. Finally, after a couple of months of tedious work, OpenSea has come up with the announcement, saying: “We’ve heard from our community that eligibility for verification and badging is opaque and the process is slow and cumbersome.”

So, OpenSea is rolling out the updates to its verification system to make the process less complex and more seamless for an average user. According to the official blog post the platform’s steps toward the improvement are as follows:

  1. Switching to an invite-based system that broadens the number of creators eligible for verification. To start, any account with more than 100 ETH of collection volume will be invited to apply.
  2. An updated collection badge process that allows verified accounts to request badging for a collection with significant interest or sales (starting at 100 ETH of volume or more, broadening eligibility soon). 
  3. A new streamlined, in-product experience that notifies eligible creators directly on their profile pages and guides them through the process of account verification and collection badging. 
  4. A dedicated customer support team that will respond to account verification and collection badging applications within 7 days.

On top of that, while the number of scams and copycats is increasing, the NFT platform is doing its best to make the realm safer. First of all, this can be achieved through image recognition technology. Besides, OpenSea will add more personal (human) interaction dealing with user reports.

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Hopefully, these new updates will cope with the problem of copymints and complexity within the platform.

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