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Orange Comet Enlists Doodleboy for Latest Project

Orange Comet Enlists Doodleboy for Latest Project

Following an eye-popping series of collaborations with iconic TV showsHollywood legends and sporting heroes, world class Web3 gaming and entertainment company, Orange Comet is pleased to announce its first partnership with the world-renowned child art sensation Joe Whale, (AKA The Doodle Boy). This April, Orange Comet is joining forces with the 13 year old prodigy, to launch a mesmerising collection of 3D animated critters inspired by Joe’s vast array of doodled original characters.

Through ‘The Remarkables Collection by Joe Whale,’ fans will open a doorway into a brand-new technicolor world of wonder. Inside the community, they will find a chance to rekindle their inner child, and become part of a vast new family of doodle enthusiasts.

The new partnership comes fresh off the back of Doodle Boy’s recent collaborations with Nike, Disney Pixar, along with gallery showings from London to New York.  Essentially, cementing the incredible artist’s status as one of the hottest young talents on the circuit today.

“I’m excited to dive into this new world of virtual art,” Joe said. “I’ve only ever drawn with a black marker and a blank sheet of canvas, but I’ve always imagined my art coming to life in other formats in my head. It’s amazing that my fans and I will have the unique opportunity to experience my drawings in motion through the power of animation.” – Joe Whale

Kicking Off an Exclusive Collection of 1:1 Remarkable Critters

Joe’s debut in the cutting-edge world of Web3 will see 3500 digital collectible assets available to mint on OpenSea on April 25. For those who are looking to get a head start, presale of The Remarkables NFTs will be available on April 12 on .  Each unique work of art will feature a stunning character designed by Joe in his trademark black marker style, which the amazing Orange Comet design team has brought to life as a high-res, animated digital character.

For the chance of securing a guaranteed spot on the drop, eager participants can sign up for an allowlist place right now.

Sign up for the Allowlist >> Here

Orange Comet Enlists Doodleboy for Foray into the World of Art

An Array of Spine-Tingling Utility

Those lucky enough to acquire one of the superbly rendered digital collectibles will open the door to a wider ‘The Remarkables’ universe, where holders will become members of a highly exclusive club where like-minded individuals can gather to rediscover their inner child, share their passion for all things creative and find joy in finding fun.

Each piece of the collection will give holders access to a unique artistic and fun community where they can leverage the combined knowledge of creators from all disciplines. Plus the chance to receive original signed artwork, physical sneakers decorated by The Doodle Boy, signed art prints, custom collectibles and an amazing meet and greet doodle session with Joe.

A Future that will Blend Web3 with the Wider Entertainment World

THE REMARKABLES kicks off as a digital collectibles project, but these wonderful critters are destined for greatness. Don’t be surprised if they pop up on the big screen one day as well as being held, hugged, worn and collected in all sorts of merchandise, toys and other fun possibilities.

As The Doodle Boy continues on his ascendency, his partnership with Orange Comet will help him conquer the realm of Web3 and the entertainment world beyond.

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