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Play and Earn in Life Beyond’s Alpha Test

Play and Earn in Life Beyond’s Alpha Test

Life Beyond just launched the first phase of their alpha. And though this phase is only accessible for Apartment Key and Passport holders, a full open alpha is scheduled for July 6th. In addition, Life Beyond is offering prizes in the form of $DOL tokens for alpha participants. It’s free to play, play and earn, and offers encounters for both solo and grouped players.

This co-operative FPS about clearing hostile wildlife on a new planet to make way for a human colony, opened up their alpha playtest on June 29th. Anyone with any Apartment Access Key (AAK) or a Dolos Passport (currently trading for under $5), can join and play. For those without any Life Beyond NFTs, open alpha begins on July 6th.

Players begin the game in a shared social hub. They join one of four instanced missions with specific objectives. Completing missions earns experience and credits. But fighting the wildlife isn’t just about personal accomplishments. Every mission completed helps contribute towards colony development. What sort of result this has, we don’t yet know. But presumably it will tie in to the game story and feature releases in some manner.

The servers seems to be under heavy stress at the moment, making it difficult to actually start a mission. But, when it works, the alpha plays very smoothly, and even lets the player adjust graphics settings (I’m surprised how many game releases don’t have these options!)

Note: The first time you login, you may have to verify your IP address. If you get a failed login message, check your email.

Life Beyond plans to release additional alpha content in three stages. Content Pack One is what we see available now. While the other two content packs are scheduled to arrive later in July and September of 2022.

preparing for action in the Life Beyond social hub

Life Beyond Alpha Rewards

This Life Beyond alpha also offers rewards to its players in the form of $DOL tokens. There will be over 1 million tokens distributed in two pools. This first pool is a raffle. Everyone who plays the alpha and completes missions earns reward points, which build towards raffle tickets.

To earn raffle tickets, players must collect at least 500 Reward Points during each content pack. Players earn 10 Reward points for solo missions, 20 points for duo expeditions, and 50 points if they complete a squad mission. Players can earn one raffle ticket per content pack, though they receive a bonus number of tickets for holding a Dolos Passport, and a ticket multiplier for earning tickets during multiple content packs. So, by participating in all three releases and earning a ticket in each (by reaching 500 Reward Points), players receive a 3x multiplier. Here’s an example from the Life Beyond team:

Player 1: Player 1 managed to collect 500 points in the content pack 1, 2 and 3. At the end of the alpha, they will receive the following tickets for the Raffle: [Base Ticket Amount] x [Engaged Multiplier] = [3] X [3] + 1 = 10 Raffle Tickets

Player 2: Player 2 managed to collect 500 points in content pack 2 and 3 only. They also hold a Dolos Passport. At the end of the alpha, they will receive the following tickets for the Raffle:

( [Dolos Passport Holder] + [Base Ticket Amount] ) x [Engaged Multiplier] = ([5]+[2]) X [2] = 14 Raffle Tickets

Life Beyond alpha rewards infographic
Life Beyond play and earn rewards

And actually, I don’t know where they get that +1 on the first example. But anyway, it seems that someone who holds a Passport and does all the things can earn up to 24 raffle tickets. After alpha, a raffle drawing selects 8000 players to share 1 million $DOL tokens!

The second pool is a leaderboard. In the final content pack, the Life Beyond team will introduce a new difficulty level called Nightmare. Players who complete solo missions on Nightmare mode earn points towards a global leaderboard. At the end of alpha, the top 10 places receive $DOL tokens. First place gets 500 tokens, while 7th through 10th receive 150.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a sci-fi, multiplayer, adventure game with a third-person perspective. Players take the role of Pioneers as they help tame a new planet called Dolos. Full of wild and dangerous creatures, Dolos offers players opportunities to carve out their own place in this new frontier. But it’s not just wild creatures on the planet. There are also mysterious ruins to explore. Are their secrets worth the potential danger?

Life Beyond Dolos Passport
Dolos Passport utility

The game promises land and store ownership with players opening up new regions to settle as the game progresses. The game also plans to develop a crafting system with customizable weapons and equipment. There really is no character development in Life Beyond. Instead, each character’s abilities and potential is decided by their tools and equipment and the player’s knowledge and skill. The game will feature a set of narrative story arcs, with each one unlocking new areas or gameplay on completion. Once players liberate a region from the nano-bots (alien tech that controls objects and creatures), the land opens up for sale and colonization by the players. Lands generate tokens and resources.

The game is currently in alpha testing. Players may join solo, duo, or group missions.

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Players can still buy Founder NFTs or Visionary Packs. These packs offer access to all alphas and betas, token and NFT airdrops, whitelist spots, digital art books, and more! Pack purchasers are also awarded an airdrop of an Apartment Access Key or AAK. Players with Apartment Access Keys receive a customizable living space to decorate and call home.

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