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Play to Airdrop with Pixels

Play to Airdrop with Pixels

Airdrop season seem to be upon us, as Pixels announces round two of their play to airdrop program, rewarding active players with a portion of their upcoming PIXEL airdrop. But it’s not enough just to be active, you also have to earn Badges and points, finishing the season as one of the top 7,000 players!

Pixels is a hot game lately, migrating to the Ronin chain, partnering with Mocaverse, and now beginning season two of their play to airdrop program! This program gives players the opportunity to earn part of the upcoming airdrop for the game’s PIXEL token!

This time around, the goal is to complete as many Badges as possible. These range from something as simple as connecting your Twitter account, to being one of the top Wood harvesters in the game! Additionally, players can earn points for referrals — 250 points for each, and they also receive a bonus to their entire score based on their Reputation level.

The play to airdrop campaign for PIXEL began on January 3rd and runs for two weeks. The top 7,000 players will receive a portion of the airdrop for the PIXEL token. The team also says that they plan to add new badges throughout the event, so be sure to check the event dashboard regularly for new tasks!

PIXEL will become the primary in-game token for Pixels. Players will use it for minting pets, various guild features, and other game enhancements.

Pixels badges
Badges?! We do need the stinkin’ Badges!

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a free to play, multiplayer, farming and crafting game. The basics are very similar to Stardew Valley and Sunflower Land. Players plant seeds, water them, harvest crops, plant more seeds, craft simple items, sell them, buy more expensive seeds, and so on, up the crafting chain.

Players have limited energy that gets used every time you plant, water or harvest. Energy replenishes naturally at the rate of 1% every 5 minutes. Players can also consume various items to give them more energy.

Pixels offers public farms, available to everyone, with 24 crop squares to grow on. Even though the space is public, every player has their private, instanced set of farming squares to use. However, public lands have a 20% tax rate. That means that anytime you harvest a crop, there is a 20% chance that it will go to the public land instead of the player. There are also player owned farms that offer lower tax rates.

In addition, there is a main, public town with various shops and quests. Pixels continues to grow, adding new crafting systems, new crops, and new quests on a regular basis. Pixels also lets players use PFPs from a number of different projects as their in-game avatars.

Pixels offers an in-game subscription for WRON (Wrapped Ronin tokens), which grants extra backpack slots, VIP status, and Reputation Points.

To learn more about Pixels, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a very developed and decorated farma very developed and decorated farm
a very developed and decorated farm

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