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Play to Earn Games to Watch in August

Play to Earn Games to Watch in August

Summer is not quite over yet! There is still some time to waste away those hot days and nights playing web3 games! Here are a few we think you should keep a watch on in August.

Though still in its infancy in many ways, web3 gaming continues to grow and mature. More and more playable alphas / betas / demos are being shown to the public. And while most of these games are still rough in many areas, the potential is there. And if you’ve been sleeping on web3 gaming, then you might want to wake up.

We enter August with plenty to do. From the Metalcore alpha playtest, to the Parallel beta, to the Fableborne play to mint event, there is something available for almost every genre of gaming.

Read on for some more info about a few games we’ll be keeping an eye on this coming month!

MetalCore alpha


With their significant user base, longevity, and steady stream of updates and changes Splinterlands gets mentioned a lot in these posts. They recently released an update banning bot accounts from playing in Modern format (one of the two game available in-game), and saw an astounding rise in number of active players. And this month, they should be releasing version 1.5 of their land gameplay.

This land update will allow players to stake Splinterlands cards to land plots, and work them for various resources, including SPS token. In fact, when this update launches, completely passive income from holding land will go away. Instead, players will need to assign cards to their plots and choose to produce SPS tokens.

And if you don’t own any land plots? No worries! You can simply find an unused plot and work it for yourself, paying a fee to the landowner in the process!

This land release will be a big moment for Splinterlands and could potentially resuscitate their flagging economy — or end up being a disappointing dud.


Fableborne recently announced that they will be holding a number of play to mint events for their upcoming Primordials mint.

With a game that combines action-based gameplay with base building, Fableborne can appeal to the more strategic gamers as well as those who like to rely on their reflexes. Stay tuned to the Fableborne social media channels to learn about the play to mint opportunities. And to also see what else Fableborne has planned for this month!

Fableborne roadmap
Fableborne roadmap

Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain finally arrives on the mainnet, though access is still limited to those who own a Genesis Hunter. This game was a notable entry into our weekly charts when they first launched their beta. Once they release their mobile app, and open the game up to the larger public, it will be very interesting to see if they can regain the popularity they held a few months ago.

Either way, with the mainnet launch, everything is for keeps now, and players can play and earn by selling items from they find in chests.

Hunters On-Chain screenshot


Upland continues to grow and recently added an impressive ‘Cafe’ system to their game, allowing players to engage in localized text and voice chat. Cafes can also host events, and stream external videos, making them great for social hangouts.

And that seems to be just the start of what Upland has planned! They released a roadmap for Q3 that is full of a number of updates, focusing on additional customization and player ownership. With a steady stream of active players, Upland seems poised to move into a new, virtual world phase that may attract some additional players who aren’t necessarily interested in the property management aspect of the game!

Game Distribution Platforms

The number of different gaming platforms that want to deliver web3 game content to us continues to grow. Steam’s overt dismissal of games that include NFTs has opened the doors for a host of other platforms to move into the space.

These include Epic Games, Elixir Gaming, Xterio, and others. And then we have some combination developers / distribution platforms such as Gala Games, Vulcan Forged, and, to an extent, Ronin. And there is even another layer — those who want to build all the tooling to help players create and host games. This includes the re-renamed Hytopia, Alterverse, and The Sandbox, just to name a few. Some are kind of a combination, such as Immutable X.

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As web3 gaming grows, so will these platforms — many of them finding ways to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. Whichever of these can do that first will likely become a prime shaker and move in the web3 space!

Phil Hall has been a gaming enthusiast since birth and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. He enjoys new discoveries and sharing those with others via blogging and photography. You can follow him on Twitter or read his other articles on Medium.

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