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Polium is building the world’s first multi-chain gaming console

Polium is building the world’s first multi-chain gaming console

Web3 company Polium introduced the world’s first-ever console, dubbed Polium One, which allows playing games on the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, EOS, Wax, Harmony, and ImmutableX blockchains. Games and entire metaverses will be available to choose from in the Polium app store. The company also promises the feature of buying and selling NFTs through the console via the built-in wallet and marketplace.

According to the creators of Polium One, the high-performance gaming console will drive blockchain games in 8K HDR resolution and run up to 120 FPS. “The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who doesn’t understand Web 3,” Polium claims.

The device is expected to run on hardware from NVIDIA, and the OS, based on Linux. Polium also plans to create a special gamepad for the console with Touch ID (for secure access to a crypto wallet) and tactile feedback.

The first batch of Polium One is planned to be released in 2024. It will be accessed only by holders of only 10,000 Polium Pass NFTs available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain. If there are at least 10 thousand such pre-orders, the gamepad will be released as planned, with a mass production to be expected a year after. Players have already criticized Polium One, calling the console another scam and a pyramid scheme. Moreover, the network users noticed that the company’s logo resembles an inverted GameCube from Nintendo. Polium representatives replied to the assault and expressed their readiness to replace the logo.

For now, it is known about four people working on the device. According to the company’s report, those mighty four have much expertise in developing software and gadgets.

Currently, gamers note that they do not yet know NFT games that would work with 4K resolution and ray tracing. The price for the novice is still kept secret. 

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