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Pre-register for Early Access to StarGarden

Pre-register for Early Access to StarGarden

Pre-registrations for early access are open for StarGarden, an upcoming free to play, auto-battler from Project Eluune. This is the first game from Project Eluune, though they already have a couple of NFT collections released.

The number of auto-battlers with web3 connections continues to grow. One of the latest additions, called StarGarden, seeks to bring cooperative social aspects to the forefront of in-game progression. They have opened pre-registrations for those interested in early access the game.

There isn’t a whole lot of detailed information about the game, but hopefully, with their recent appearance at GDC, the StarGarden team will soon be ready to reveal more. The development team includes members who have worked on such titles as Call of Duty, World of Warships, and DOTA 2.

What is StarGarden?

StarGarden, the game, is a free to play, competitive, auto-battler.

Then there are also StarGarden NFTs, which will act as tribe (guild) bases within the game. StarGarden features the typical auto-battler game mechanics, and the ability for players to gather and craft new creatures and items. But StarGarden will also put a focus on player co-operation through tribes. Each StarGarden NFT represents one tribe. Players in that tribe can contribute to community building construction through quests, which opens up additional crafting, questing options, and slots for additional players. And this tribe growth is even permanently saved to the metadata for the StarGarden NFT!

Players can purchase Founding StarGarden NFTs on third party markets.

The team also says that they won’t sell any creatures, ingredients, or materials for use in-game. Instead leaving it up to the players to build their own game economy. We have no release date yet.

StarGarden screenshot

What is Project Eluune?

Project Eluune, is a web3 universe, with a focus on creating socially-oriented games and experiences. In addition to the Founding StarGarden NFTs, Project Eluune also has their own Founder-type NFTs, called Aurahma. These are cute companion creature PFP NFTs that provide early access to future mints and potential other perks.

As for the Founding StarGarden NFTs, only 7,027 exist. Players who owned Founding StarGardens (FSG) received a free NFT airdrop of another NFT called the Eye of Eleriah. The Eyes go through cycles, where they re-generate their artwork. Owners can choose to lock their NFT at any point, preserving that day’s art forever. In addition to being an interesting utilization of the programming possibilities of NFTs, the Eyes will be used in an upcoming game called Prelude.

Players with Founding StarGarden NFTs can also catch Creatures on their Discord server for use them in Prelude a browser-based game in the Eluune universe. Prelude is described as “A limited event where you trade, craft, alchemize traits, forge items, and store inventory to prepare for your great journey on the StarGardens.” Items crafted in Prelude can be imported to StarGarden when it is released. This event runs for five months only and should open soon.

To learn more about StarGarden and Project Eluune, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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