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Pre-Register for Sipher Odyssey Open Alpha

Pre-Register for Sipher Odyssey Open Alpha

Pre-registrations are open for Sipher Odyssey, a top-down, action RPG who is preparing to launch their open alpha with a slew of updates to the game! Anyone who pre-registers will also be eligible to receive game prizes.

Another alpha is incoming. This one from Sipher Odyssey, a top-down, action RPG with both PvE and PvP game modes. Pre-registrations are open now, with some game rewards for everyone who signs up. In fact, the more people that register, the larger the pre-registration prizes become! So get on over and sign-up!

Their 2023 wrap-up article teased some of what to expect in the open alpha. This includes new abilities, in-game leaderboards, updated user interface, new augments, new dungeons, new characters, new enemies, new skins, new weapons, mystery capsules, and even two new game modes! Whew!

a few new weapons in open alpha

The new game options are Corruption, some sort of hardcore game mode, and an objective-based PvP arena.

Progress made in-game during the open alpha will not carry forward to the next phase.

Players will need an account with Ather Labs to play and collect the pre-register rewards. Players can also link their web3 wallet, letting them use any Sipher Odyssey NFTs they have in-game. The Genesis Sipher NFTs come with better starting equipment and stats than standard characters.

prep for combat!

What is Sipher Odyssey?

Sipher Odyssey is a free to play, top-down, action RPG with some roguelite features. Players can use a variety of characters to try their hand at the dungeons, leveling them up along the way as well as equipping them with ranged and melee weapons and other equipment. Characters level up the more they are used, gaining power and stats.

Players can create new characters if they gather enough Shards. Shards are combined into Cores with are combined into new characters, or Vessels as they are called in Sipher Odyssey.

Players can try the game in story mode, endless mode, and in a PvP arena. Story mode lets players unlock Memories, augments that can give characters new powers and abilities.

Genesis Sipher NFTs are founder level NFTs for Sipher Odyssey and offer numerous perks including early access, better stats in-game, bonuses when cloning, whitelist slots for future sales, and more!

to learn more about Sipher Odyssey, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Sipher Odyssey screenshotSipher Odyssey screenshot

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