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Revolving Games Plans Token Airdrop

Revolving Games Plans Token Airdrop

As Skyborne Genesis finished up their prologue season, their parent company, Revolving Games, announces plans for an upcoming token release — including an airdrop for holders of Nexian Gem and Genesis Immortal NFTs!

Revolving Games, the game development studio behind Skyborne Legacy, has announced plans to release their own token. As part of the token release, the team will airdrop tokens to holders of Nexian Gems and Genesis Immortals, both NFT collections for Skyborne Legacy. Details of the token airdrop are still unrevealed. Expect to hear more about it in January.

Nexian Gem Bonuses

But we do know that there is a bonus for Gem holders. Everyone who holds a Nexian Gem before December 25th, 11:59 PM PST, will receive a 20% bonus on their airdrop points. Gem holders will need to keep their Gems in their wallets through January 31st, 2024 in order to receive the rewards multiplier.

On back of this announcement, and a recent fireside chat with the team, the floor price for Nexian Gems has shot up to 1.5 ETH! And with only 57 Gems available on the market, that number could quickly rise.

Aside from providing tokens from the airdrop, Nexian Gem holders will also act as a Node. Nodes will mine additional tokens. The team plans for a total of 40-50k Nodes, with only 5k in the first release, including the 3,333 for Nexian Gem owners. Purchasing a node directly will cost 2.5 ETH, with the price scaling up as more Nodes are bought. So with this in mind, Nexian Gems might even be undervalued at the current price! We don’t know anything else about Nodes yet. Again, I expect to see additional articles and information in January.

Nexian Gems also provide guaranteed whitelist spots on future mints, exclusive access to early gameplay, special Discord access, in-game utility, and more! The Gems are not yet revealed, and could be considered Founder NFTs for Skyborne Legacy. The next playtest should arrive sometime in Q1 2024.

Skyborne Legacy roadmapSkyborne Legacy roadmap

What is Skyborne Legacy?

Skyborne Legacy is an MMORPG in development by Revolving Games. Revolving Games has raised $30 million in capital from backers such as Animoca Brands and Gala Games.

For Skyborne they want to build a franchise of games, with three phases already planned. The first phase will be Sky Genesis, a browser-based mini-game where player choices have an effect on the game world. Participants in Sky Genesis have the opportunity to earn collectibles and special rewards. They can transfer these to the other games in the future. After that comes a mobile, fantasy adventure game called Phoenix Flight. And the third in the planned series will be Skyborne Legacy, a full-fledged MMORPG.

The team posts regular development updates on their Discord server.

To learn more about Skyborne Legacy, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Skyborne Legacy bannerSkyborne Legacy banner

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