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Riot Racers Adds Tournaments and 3D Racing

Riot Racers Adds Tournaments and 3D Racing

Riot Racers continues to build on its play to earn, racing simulation. After already implementing paid races, a rental system, and a breeding for cars and drivers, Riot Racers adds the ability for players to create their own racing tournaments, and also provides a 3D replay for every race!

For the past few months, Riot Racers has allowed players to play and earn, even if they didn’t own any Riot Racers assets. But the game is still in its early stages, with a number of features still under development. Now, we have the first versions of two of those missing features, player created tournaments, and 3D racing.

The team expects to also add a staking program for RIOT tokens, an achievement system, card upgrades, and billboards. All before the end of the month!

3D Racing

For every completed race in Riot Racers, players now have the option of watching the race replay in a 3D animation. Thankfully, this is just the first version. Because, to be honest, it’s pretty boring. The graphics look nice. But with nothing much to see besides the cars shifting positions as they speed down a straight track, watching the replays becomes old very quickly. We know that the team plans to add options for special paint jobs and other customization which will be visible on the cars during races. And there will also be billboards, owned by players, that can be rented out for advertisements. Hopefully the billboards will be present enough to satisfy the advertisers, but unobtrusive enough so that they don’t distract from the race action.

Future updates to the replay system bring visual track conditions and weather effects, varying camera angles, music and sound effects, crashes during the race, and more! I’m looking forward to all of these features!

Loading the races takes an exceedingly long time. I’m really not sure what has to be loaded here that makes me wait two minutes to watch a race. The race viewer also seems prone to crashes. Definitely room for improvements here.

3D race replay in Riot Racera


Players can now create their own Riot Racers tournaments. Tournament hosts decide the prize pool, the number of heats, number of racers, and the race and track details for each heat. Tournaments have specific start times, with a designated pause between each race in the tournament. Whichever racers wins the most heats wins the tournament.

What is Riot Racers?

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game in which gamers can earn by playing the game or owning parts of the game ecosystem. Players own cars, which they can upgrade using RIOT tokens. They earn RIOT by competing in races. Before joining a race, players pick a driver, car and a strategy based on the race conditions. With multiple attributes for both Drivers and Cars, varying track conditions based on weather, and six different strategy options, there are enough variables to make every race different.

Cars fuel up at gas stations before a race. Once started, the game generates the race in the background based on the entrants’ choices, track conditions, and some random factors. The outcome of a race is determined primarily by the player’s race selections, though Cars and Drivers with higher XP and better upgrades do have some slight advantages. The top finishers of each competitive race earn rewards, paid in RIOT tokens. The game just recently added the first version of their 3D race replays.

a sample of cars available in Riot Racers
a sample of cars available in Riot Racers

Riot Racers offers passive income through renting out Cars and Drivers, or owning a business or part of a racetrack. Gas Stations, Mechanic Shops, and Racetrack pieces are all in high demand. Track owners receive a portion of the entry fees for every race run on their track. Meanwhile Mechanics and Gas Stations earn tokens when players use their facilities for gassing up and repairing their Cars. In addition, Billboard owners can advertise their own product or service, or rent the billboard out for some side income!

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