NFT Roadmap and Utility

Why Own A Satoshipup NFT?

  • Satoshipup Art NFT comes with an unlockable physical token and a download of high-resolution file of the art.
  • All Satoshipup Art NFT gets access for 2 at all VIBEANT Music and Arts Festival.
  • All Satoshipup Card NFT gets access for 1 at all VIBEANT Music and Arts Festival.
  • All Satoshipup arts and cards get exclusive access to future drops: merch, designer toys, and animated films.

The Satoshipup NFT Roadmap

  • 2022 Spring/Summer Satoshipup Art “Original Generation” collection drop with a goal of raising 10 ETH
  • Announcement of the improved Satoshipup NFT Utilities, Tokens, and Token Organization
  • Increase our presence on social media which will include the establishment of VIBEANT community led by community managers and moderators.
  • Continue to work with different artists for the Satoshipup NFT art future release
  • 2022 Fall/Winter Satoshipup collection drop with a goal of raising 20 ETH
  • Deployment of VIBEANT Smart Contract App for the Satoshipup Card NFT drop
  • Open whitelisting of Satoshipup Card.
  • Satoshipup collectible cards drop, a collection of 10,000+ mintable cards with unique urban lifestyle traits.
  • 2023 Spring/Summer Satoshipup Art collection drop at the VIBEANT Music and Arts Festival.
  • Satoshipup Card NFT Airdrop for the lottery winners of VIBEANT Music and Arts Festival attendees.
  • Establish a DAO for the VIBEANT NFT Community
  • At 50% of the cards minted, a $10,000 donation fund will be established and with the help of the VIBEANT community, we will decide on a charity that is a good partner for our project.
  • An exclusive VIBEANT merch line will drop, Satoshipup Designer Toy and Satoshipup animated film.
  • Establish a longevity strategy for the VIBEANT community by creating, designing, developing, or building something that the community values (e.g. extra utility for the cards and art, additional card collection, etc.) and receive funding from VIBEANT team. In addition to this 2.5% of the OpenSea resale fees will go into the community grant forever.
  • Establish a liquidity pool and seed it in order to help stabilize the price of the Satoshipup NFTs/tokens.
  • VIBEANT Music and Arts Festival in the Metaverse where they can use Satoshipup NFTs as an avatar to attend the arts and music festival, watch a VIBEANT exclusive content, and participate in Satoshipup exclusive events.