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Rogue Nation Introduces Weekly Leaderboards

Rogue Nation Introduces Weekly Leaderboards

Rogue Nation introduces weekly leaderboards, giving players the opportunity to earn prizes by playing the game! The prizes for the first week include a selection of Gen1 Chonkies, a collection of Elemint pets that can aid a player when they venture into the dungeons!

Though still in alpha testing phase, Rogue Nation is ready to introduce some and play and earn rewards! These come in the form of weekly leaderboards, with prizes to the top players as well as raffles for additional prizes.

The Rogue Nation Leaderboards will reset every Sunday at 10pm UTC. Rogue Nation is free to play and available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The first weekly event is already underway and includes a number of Chonkies available as rewards!

What are Chonkies?

Rogue Nation has also released a new companion, known as Chonkies. These Elemints can summon an elemental shield, providing the player with a defense against incoming attacks!

The total supply available for Gen1 Chonkies is 6,666. Some of these have already been airdropped to holders and winners of raffles and various community awards. Two thousand Chonkies will be available through the in-game store and via future rewards, while 667 are held in reserve in the Moonlit Vault. (Note: If you had a Chonky airdropped into your wallet, you may need to look in Hidden items to see it on Open Sea).

Players also have a chance to win a Chonky through this week’s leaderboard. First place will receive a legendary Chonky and second through 10th an epic Chonky. Those who place 11th through 100th place will be entered into a raffle to win one of 15 Chonkies. And everyone who places in the top 1000 will be part of an additional raffle for another 70 Chonkies.

So, if you didn’t get one already, or you just like winning things, this might be the week to give Rogue Nation a try!

Chonky shield in action
Chonky shield in action

What is Rogue Nation?

Rogue Nation is a free to play, top-down, rogue-lite, action RPG, created by Moonlit Games. Players venture into procedurally generated dungeons in a top-down, isometric game world, with the goal of defeating the big boss at the end. Completing a run provides loot crates with rewards that players can use to upgrade and customize their characters. Players can take on the dungeons solo, or with a group of friends. The game will also additional modes such as PvP, raids, survival, and even player created dungeons.

In Rogue Nation, players can customize their characters, as well as the items they carry. Customization comes in the form of ability selection, weapon attachments, and pets. As characters and weapons are used in-game, they develop certain bonuses or perks based on their history in-game. This system is designed to not only provide additional customization options, but to make also make every item and character truly unique and part of the game world.

Rogue Nation also talks about including creator options for minting custom maps as NFTs that can be sold or rented to others!

Rogue Nation is building for mobile first, but may offer a PC version as well. To learn more, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Rogue Nation screenshot

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