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Taylor Swift’s Favorite Posture Correcting Bra + Other Alignment Tips

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Posture Correcting Bra + Other Alignment Tips

With doom-scrolling and computer jobs, poor posture may feel inevitable.

However, experts say there are several ways to achieve proper alignment through workout classes, posture-correcting clothing (a favorite of Taylor Swift‘s) and some gentle at-home stretching.

According to Dr. Liza Egbogah, an osteopathy doctor and posture expert who has worked with celebrities such as George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence, there are an array of reasons someone might have poor posture, including slouching at a computer, previous injuries and even depression or anxiety.

“Why people get poor posture is from spending too much time doing the same thing,” she says. “Every hour, if you can at least spend five minutes for that hour getting up… If you can break that cycle of the fascia tightening up by walking around, moving around, stretching, you can help prevent poor posture.”

Although many seek out posture correction for appearance reasons, Dr. Egbogah also says poor alignment can impact overall body function: muscles have to work harder, cortisol levels rise and inflammation can increase.

“When we’re in a good open posture, so we talk about our shoulders back, more in an anatomical alignment, our body will produce more endorphins,” she says.

Aside from getting movement every hour, some of Dr. Egbogah’s top tips include practicing three to five yoga stretches daily, moving computer screens above eye height and having supportive footwear. However, she recommends that people who are experiencing consistent pain or feel they are getting shorter should see an expert.

For additional posture tips and tricks, here are six of the top products, services and exercises to try to improve alignment. 

212 Pilates, $50 per semi-private class

212 Pilates


Looking for a workout that also improves alignment? 212 Pilates, based in New York City, is the spot to try out. The studio’s approach to the practice strays away from the typical C-curve formation often used in Pilates — think rounded back and tucked head. 

“We base all of our classes in the concept of neutral spine,” said 212 Pilates founder Tara Gordon. “It’s active and it’s lifted, but it’s in the way that the bones, the facet joints, the discs and all the vertebrae are actually meant to sit. We teach Pilates in a way that honors that and which actually ends up giving you the longest posture.” 

During class, attendees will rest their heads during movements that might typically require a crunch, like leg lifts. While the brand’s semi-private classes allow for personalized adjustments, guests looking for one-on-one attention can opt for private sessions. 

Alo Moves, $130/year membership

Woman working out to an Alo Moves virtual class.

Alo Moves virtual yoga class.


For those looking for an at-home solution, Alo Moves has several workout playlists, featuring yoga and Pilates classes specifically aimed at posture correction and spinal alignment. 

“Pilates in general will help with overall strengthening and stretching of the body, which over time will help fix posture,” says Laura Quinn, head trainer in Pilates for Alo Wellness Club in Los Angeles. “Muscle areas to focus on stretching for posture improvement are the shoulders and pecs and working on stretching back muscles to hold us up straight. Building a strong core will help with everything because it’s the center of our entire body — so never forget the core.”

Certified yoga instructor Briohny Smith adds that a consistent practice will help in connecting with the body, making it easier over time to correct poor posture habits. Some poses she recommends to promote better posture include cat-cows, downward dog with bent knees and cobra. 

Fulton The Classic Insole, $48

Person placing Fulton insoles into shoes.
Fulton insoles.

When looking to address postural concerns, the issue may not be the upper body at all. It could be the person’s footwear.

“I always like to start from the bottom and work our way up,” says Dr. Egbogah. “A lot of people have poor posture from the footwear that they wear.”

“Unsupportive shoes can cause your feet, knees, hips and back to be misaligned, which ultimately results in pain and poor posture,” says Libie Motchan, cofounder of Fulton, an insole company. “Fulton insoles’ arch support and deep heel cup help stabilize the feet and ankles, which aligns the body from the ground up and improves posture.” 

Fulton’s cork insoles mold to each user’s feet after about 10 hours of wear to support an array of issues including flat feet, high arches and pronation, which can all impact posture. 

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Technogym Foam Roller, $90

Technogym Foam Roller
Technogym Foam Roller

After a long day of sitting hunched over a computer, foam rolling can be beneficial to release tension, according to Dr. Egbogah. 

“Foam rollers are great tools to use to release tight muscles that may be contributing to poor posture and upper back pain,” she says. “When using foam rollers it’s important to roll out the front muscles like your pectoralis and psoas muscles in addition to those at the back. It’s usually tightness at the front that causes poor posture.” 

Forme Science, range starting at $29

Models wearing Forme Science clothing.
Forme Science line.

Similar to Fulton, Forme Science offers an array of functional clothing meant to help correct posture. The products are also a favorite of Taylor Swift, who has been seen wearing the Power Bra, $185, while rehearsing for her Eras tour. 

According to Forme Science’s website, “the patented wearable technology uses a construct of lightweight, multidirectional tensile materials,” which help promote alignment and boost recovery. The Power Bra in particular claims to pull the shoulders back and lift the body into a healthy posture. While the products are effective in the moment, consistent usage also helps strengthen the muscles into better alignment in the long term, the company says.

The Power Bra is the fan favorite, but Forme Science sells everything from socks and shorts to leggings and T-shirts. 

Stretch’d, starting at $40

A stretching session at Stretch'd.

A stretching session at Stretch’d.


If posture correction sounds like a daunting task, Stretch’d might be the right place to start. The studio, which has two locations in New York City, offers an array of one-on-one assisted stretching services. Stretch’d also offers virtual sessions for guests outside of New York City. During in-person and virtual sessions, professional stretch therapists will assess guest’s concerns and guide them through specific movements to achieve their goals.

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