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The Future of NFT Worlds Without Minecraft

The Future of NFT Worlds Without Minecraft

The world of blockchain gaming was rocked by the recent news that Mojang, owners of Minecraft, were banning all NFT and blockchain integrations with their game. And no project more so than NFT Worlds. Built on the back of Minecraft and offering free to play, play and earn experiences, NFT Worlds seemed poised to make an even bigger name for themselves in the virtual worlds space. But with this recent announcement, NFT Worlds looks to the future and pivots to an entirely new game engine!

NFT Worlds had been growing in name and popularity over the last nine months. Their quick development and technical expertise has been impressive. But, the express train they were guiding has now been massively derailed! Mojang Studios, owners of Minecraft, announced a complete ban on any and all NFT or blockchain integration with the game. This put an immediate halt to NFT Worlds’ play an earn program and many of the projects that were sub-developing on NFT Worlds.

And though NFT Worlds was completely free to play, their service and game still fell under the ban hammer. After reaching out to Mojang, Microsoft, whatever powers-that-be that they could contact, it was obvious that this ban was a done deal and would not change anytime soon, if at all! And so, NFT Worlds decided to forge onwards with a new plan.

NFT Worlds Forging the Future

Basically, their plan is to build a Minecraft style game, from the ground up! Rumors have it that they will be using the programming language called RUST. Otherwise, we don’t know too much.

Is this truly from the ground up? Are they going to leverage existing libraries or potentially buyout a virtual worlds system someone else was building? These are great questions to ask for the next AMA, scheduled for January 23rd, 2022! Submit questions and feedback via this link ahead of time.

The team has also repeatedly stated that their tools and services were specifically built with flexibility in mind. And that they will be able to quickly port everything over to a new platform. And while I do appreciate the technological know-how that the NFT Worlds team has already shown, building a game engine from the ground up seems like a daunting task!

However, if they do pull it off, you can bet that it will be fully web3 integrated, include integrated asset ownership, and ready for future expansion.

NFT Worlds NFTs and WRLD Token

For those willing to wait it out the game engine change, the NFT Worlds team does plan to offer proper compensation and/or replacement for those holding NFT Worlds and NFT Worlds Avatar NFTs. Whether or not this includes issuing new NFTs remains to be seen.

After bottoming out at 0.75 ETH, the floor for NFT Worlds has bounced back, to around 1.6-1.7 ETH. NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars also recovered a bit after their initial panic sale. As well as the NFT Worlds native token, WRLD. The prices are still 50% less than they were before the announcement. But, it seems like we may have bounced off the floor.

World owners can still develop their worlds. They just can’t integrate cryptocurrency or NFTs. The NFT Worlds team promises backwards compatibility, allowing world owners to transfer their creations to the new platform with minimal hassle. They also promise that access to NFT Worlds will remain 100% free.

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