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The Most Absurd and Wonderful Takes on Goblintown NFTs

The Most Absurd and Wonderful Takes on Goblintown NFTs

For those in the NFT space that have been living under a digital rock, a bizarre project recently took the community by storm and is on pace to become the next blue-chip collection.

It’s Goblintown: a PFP collection of goblins obsessed with “marking their territory” (for lack of a better description). Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most absurd, bizarre, and wonderful takes we’ve caught on social media heralding the arrival of our new goblin overlords.

Entering Goblintown

This collection doesn’t just look strange — almost every aspect of it seems to be out of left field. From the goblins themselves, the project’s website, even its social media presence, every piece of the project carefully balances the weird and the wonderful. For instance, every tweet from the project’s official account is written out in garbled unicode, inspiring its holders and community members to adopt Goblinspeak into their everyday interactions.

The project’s team even went so far as to hold a Twitter space where anything but Goblinspeak would go on to be ignored. This went on for three hours — and it was glorious.

One creator even posted a skit on Twitter highlighting the sheer absurdity of Goblintown’s rise.

Past the memes

So how much of this is a joke, and how much of it is actual building? The proof seems to be in the pudding – Goblintown has firmly held its place atop OpenSea’s charts. And the projects below it? See for yourself.

Credit: Opensea

As Goblintown’s trading volume continues to go up, so does the perceived validity of its methods. Aside from all the Goblin-themed collections we’re seeing pop up, we’ve also seen more vulgar projects pop up hoping to replicate the Goblin formula. This has left those who doubted the project in its early phases slowly coming to regret their decision to not buy into the craze a lot sooner.

Others who missed out on hitching a ride to Goblintown early on are less regretful, instead celebrating how it embodies one of the best things NFTs stand for: community.

In this bear market, this goblin town, some even say what the project has achieved is truly special. If not community, perhaps what Goblintown’s supporters have bought into the whole time was the demand for more projects of this nature. No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. Just a bunch of silly goblins making people smile over the internet.

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