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The Wolf of Kensington NFT Collection Brings a Lifestyle Upgrade

The Wolf of Kensington NFT Collection Brings a Lifestyle Upgrade

As a resplendent full moon readies for its Augustine revelation, pirouetting white against the black night sky, a new set of non-fungible beasts will awaken from their slumber. So, stirring from the abyssal depths of the blockchain, ‘The Wolf of Kensington’ (TWOK) NFT collection will arrive to usher in a new era of luxury lifestyle communities. So, take a deep breath, strap yourselves in securely, and get ready to join the wolf pack!

A New Kind of Web3 Platform

Fresh from the vault of Web3 innovator, Elevate Laboratories, TWOK will look to throw a wolf-shaped supercharger into the world of NFTs. As a result, bringing a suite of life changing applications, investment opportunities and holder benefits into the package of the traditional NFT community. This will result in some of the most exclusive collectibles yet seen within the global blockchain industry.

Unlike many projects within the sector, TWOK has the financial firepower to back up its bold claims, with leading venture capital initiative, Woodbourne Ventures, on hand with a cool $1 million already invested in developing the project. The end result, sees an exciting new opportunity within the non-fungible arena to become an early adopter of a barnstorming new Web3 platform.

“The launch of Elevate Laboratories and the The Wolf of Kensington NFT collection follows a long and intense period of creative development and significant investment led by a world-class team.” “TWOK is a highly coveted carbon neutral NFT collection of 9,961 exclusive pieces of generative art with real world utility. The digital assets give holders access to a global and leading concierge service and will also provide investment opportunities that they can benefit from that would otherwise be out of their reach.” – Tani Dulai – Chief Executive

Immutable Membership with the Power of NFTs

To facilitate membership into this grand new high-end experience, TWOK will launch a set of 9,961 wolf-themed carbon neutral NFTs. Each unique item is composed of a high-resolution 3D generative artwork of singular distinction. More than just a fine looking NFT however, each item will imbue its owner with a set of industry defining unlockable content.

TWOK currently sits on the verge of its tremendous drop announcement, so, keep an eye on the official website for that all important call to action.

Head to the official website >> Here

Tied to a World of Lifestyle Benefits

Those with the guile and foresight to take the almighty plunge will see themselves rewarded with a treasure trove of holder benefits. Therefore, TWOK NFT owners will unlock gated access to the exclusive project application while also becoming the beneficiary of a ground-breaking annual package worth approximately $17,000 per year. An exciting opportunity that includes both a concierge service, and access to holder restricted investment opportunities, providing luxury at the fingertips of those with the Web3 insight and an eye for an incredible project.

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