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Top Designer Handbag Brands with Quality

Top Designer Handbag Brands with Quality

The top designer handbag brands possess several salient attributes that render them highly coveted. Unparalleled artistry, employment of the choicest materials, and a tireless commitment to minutiae—all augmented by a sense of exclusivity—blend to confer upon these brands their esteemed status. Here we take a closer look at what to expect from the most sought-after names in the handbag industry.


top designer handbag brands

The top of the industry, Hermès handbags establish the precedent for opulence, superiority, and superb discernment. So coveted are these bags that they surpass even tangible assets in value, and we can understand why. For decades, their iconic Birkin and Kelly bags have held court at the summit of every fashion connoisseur’s wishlist. Each bag is fastidiously crafted by a sole artisan, ensuring uniformity and consistency throughout its construction. If the bag is ever returned for mending, it shall return to the same skilled craftsman who initially brought it to life.

Hermès is one of the top designer handbag brands as they diligently assure that every piece of leather utilized in their bags flawlessly matches down to its very grain. Their unwavering adherence to time-honored methods and rejection of assembly line techniques guarantee that each creation meets the highest standards of quality. This approach, however, results in a limited number of bags being produced each season, thus making it impossible to fulfill the demand for these coveted items. As a result, bags’ perpetual exclusivity and desirability continue to reach unprecedented heights.


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Adorned with a striking quilted leather facade and an emblem of interlocking Cs, Chanel handbags are another leader in the sphere of fashion. Their prized creation, the Classic Flap bag, demands an intricate construction process comprising an impressive 180 distinct stages, including a plethora of rigorous quality control procedures. Chanel‘s commitment to employing the most superior materials, such as sumptuous grained calfskin and velvety lambskin, is paralleled by their hand-finishing process, which is executed with utmost attention to detail. As such, waiting lists for new bags can be lengthy, and used Chanel handbags in good condition hold their value well.


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The creators of the initial It bag, the Baguette, possess a deft ability to flawlessly blend Italian design flair with unrivaled artisanship in each Fendi bag. Their skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft every bag in Italy, employing traditional techniques to ensure an impeccable outcome. Their creations exude a playful, youthful, and effervescent aura, infusing a renewed vivacity into the world of luxury handbags. Among their other renowned masterpieces are the Peekaboo bag and the Croissant, both of which remain highly sought-after to this day.

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Dolce & Gabbana

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Some of the most eye-catching designs on the market, Dolce & Gabbana bags, will certainly get you noticed. These handbags are crafted to elicit attention, replete with a joyful infusion of color, exciting patterns, glamorous adornments, the most sumptuously supple leathers, and exquisite fabrics that are born of Italy’s rich heritage. In particular, the Dolce & Gabbana Sicily bag is a prized masterpiece of their oeuvre, renowned for the ladylike elegance that renders it a coveted investment piece and can be proudly displayed as a sartorial statement.

How Can You Tell if a Luxury Handbag is Authentic?

Buying merchandise from a reputable retailer, such as The Luxury Closet, is an ideal choice as they undertake the process of authentication of each article prior to offering it for resale. However, there are several other tell-tale signs that can help you in ensuring you’re getting the real deal.

Certain manufacturers provide documentation that attests to the authenticity of their products, and bags are commonly supplied with unique serial numbers. Furthermore, the quality of the hardware is an additional determinant of authenticity; the chain links ought to be suitably sized and the closures sturdy. Faulty engraving and flimsy hardware are not indicative of an authentic designer handbag. Scrutinizing the stitchwork, the quality, and the precision of the lining is yet another method of detecting potential inauthenticity, as sloppy finishing is another indicator. Our blog on how to spot fake designer bags has more information.

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