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United Arab Emirates (UAE) Announces First-Ever Metaverse Hospital

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Announces First-Ever Metaverse Hospital

In a first for the Web3 space, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is launching the first hospital in the metaverse. Managed by the healthcare provider, Thumbay Group, the virtual hospital will launch in October. Reportedly, the fully functional virtual hospital aims to offer medical tourism services. Here’s all you need to know about the UAE metaverse hospital.

UAE is the first to set up a metaverse hospital. Credit: Unreal Engine (representational image)

What is UAE’s metaverse hospital?

UAE has scripted history by launching the world’s first-ever metaverse hospital. Essentially, patients will be able to visit the virtual hospital as avatars. What’s more, they can also interact with the doctors using their avatars. 

“We are already working on it and expect it to launch before October this year,” said Dr Thumbay Moideen, the founder and president of Thumbay Group. “This will be a complete virtual hospital where people will come with an avatar and consult with the doctor.” 

“To cater to medical tourism, we will allow patients to see what the hospital looks like in the metaverse if they travel and come to Thumbay healthcare facility,” the doctor added. 

Facilities of the virtual hospital

Firstly, the Thumbay Group offers a host of augmented reality and virtual reality metaverse technologies. These are available to long-term care patients who have been bedridden for a minimum of six months or are paralysed. The technologies would help the patients access their homes virtually.

Additionally, the hospital is also giving the patients AR and VR headsets to see their homes. Going forward, the UEA metaverse hospital will also integrate artificial intelligence. It will also add a new feature to recognise each patient’s face and detect their car number plate as they enter the hospital. 


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