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Arkanghel, a Toronto-based Rap artist from the group 44 Holla recently dropped his mixtape titled “1PERCENT” a follow-up to his previous singles Di Sanay and Blessed to be Alive. We had a chance to sit down with him and explore his thoughts as an artist and his creative process. Here’s how our conversation went:

How would you describe Arkanghel’s music?

My music is all about hustlin’ and motivation as well as being conscious. I make music to let the people know that they can weather the storm as long as they believe in themselves and to trust the process. I share my ideas, thoughts, and struggles in my tracks which I hope becomes a motivation for people listening to my music.

If you have big dreams, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation is, you go chase that dream, just be yourself and work on having peace and choosing peace more times.

Most of the things that you see on the net are not real. Focus on yourself, focus on your goals, have gratitude, do good without expecting anything back, be kind and of course be grateful and blessed that you are alive and healthy.

What is your favourite recorded song so far?

I’m gonna have to say “Switch On” which I am about to release in the future. I believe I have found my purpose in life and this track just shows a bit of what really matters to me at the moment, and how I’m preparing for the future, and what’s about to come. I am using this platform to show and let the people know that there are ways to make it in life and it always does not have to be about having the degree or diploma.

They say that the truth is boring, therefore, nobody really talks about the truth… I made this song to let people know that life does not really have to be about who has the most but who gives the most and shares the most. Always choose to be happy, Invest and Reinvest till you make it peace and love.

Is there something about you as an artist that you are working on improving?

I am in the process of studying the game and I am still learning a lot of things every day in terms of my skills as well as the business side of it. I’m working on having more networks in the music industry, I think this would be a great opportunity to have a broad understanding of what being an artist is actually really like and how things work and how to execute it properly.

As well as, trying to build an audience or a community of people who actually listens to the type of music my team (44HOLLA) and I make. This would be a great opportunity for us to learn, grow and accelerate in the music industry.

What I wanted to improve as an artist though is for me to have an open mind and being open to ideas. I want whoever is listening to my songs to actually take the time and take in positive knowledge that they can apply to themselves right now knowing it can change their lives in the future.

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Once I have done this I believe that the people who listen to my tracks will be more open to different concepts as well as have an open mind and just live outside the box and be free.

Share with me the vision of your end goal for making music

Man to be honest I’m just here to send a message, Hustle and Motivate. I want to be able to share the teachings of the wise. I am hoping to change people’s perspectives and the way they see things and the way they execute certain things through my craft. I want people to grow their consciousness and just spread love and peace, I want them to be able to see the good in everything that we have in this world like nature for example.

Do you at kung sino ang tatanggap dun ka! It is really hard for me to see people who were raised to be modern slaves of society and a workplace knowing that they have so much potential inside of them that they do not see in themselves because they were raised a certain way.

I want to be the one who brings all the people together and unites them through this culture we call hip hop that we all love and embrace.

Where can fans find you?

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