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What Are the Hallmarks of a Well-Made Purse?

What Are the Hallmarks of a Well-Made Purse?

It is correctly said that a purse is a girl’s best friend. It goes everywhere with you, conceals all your essentials, and if you choose a good one, it will never let you down. But how do you go about choosing a good purse? More specifically, what are the hallmarks of a well-made purse, and how can you spot them at a glance?

Designer purses have the price tags they do for some very good reasons. Luxury, high-quality materials, innovative and style-conscious designs, as well as hours of expertise and designers collaborating, can mean that a single prototype is months in the making, and that’s before you get to the final product. However, all this tending loving care means that the finished products are sturdy, reliable, and in many cases, very long-lasting. They also have that certain class and finesse that only luxury designer purses do.

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While searching for the perfect purse to help you get the one that will be with you forever, there are a few things to keep in mind:


The stitching on your purse should be impeccable. This helps prevent water entry and fraying as well as keeps it looking tidier, and helps it last for longer. These Louis Vuitton purses show exquisitely the difference that excellent quality stitchwork can make, as it is barely visible, beautifully even, and perfectly aligned.


Any hardware on the purse should be tidy and smooth-edged, with nothing hanging off that could snag on your clothing. This applies to clasps, buckles, zips, and embellishments. These Carolina Herrera purses show how elegant well-made hardware can be.


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One of the things we love the most about our purses is their brilliant and distinctive designs. Christian Dior purses take this to the next level with a huge variety of materials, shapes, colors, and styles which all incorporate the signature Christian Dior monogram.

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The materials used in making luxury designer purses are some of the best available. Beautiful, hardwearing, waterproof, and stitchable, they have a lot to live up to. The designers at Fendi take full advantage of the materials to create their amazing pieces.

These points will be super helpful when shopping for your new luxury purse, and you’ll find exactly what you want, whatever your style is. When it comes to purses, we mostly want the same things after all — something beautiful and sturdy that you can keep for years to come.

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