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Where are Aeyde shoes made and what makes them special?

Where are Aeyde shoes made and what makes them special?

Aeyde boots are pure 90s minimalism, but where are Aeyde shoes made?

Designed in Berlin but handcrafted at family-owned factories in Italy, Aeyde was founded in 2015 by designer Luisa Dames. With an emphasis on everyday luxury, Aeyde offers modern, high-quality shoes and accessories.

Aiming to democratize luxury footwear and make pricing more transparent, Aeyde founder Luisa Dames envisioned a more understated version of luxury—one that emphasizes sustainability, slow consumption, and minimalism.

Like others before her, Dames’ signature Aeyde aesthetic is classic German modernity, marrying form and function, the past and the present, the masculine and the feminine. Peers like Jil Sander and Tomas Maier have previously set the stage for the German fashion point of view. Wallpaper magazine called it “Bauhaus / 90s minimalism.”

Each Aeyde boots collection is a juxtaposition of commercial reality and creativity into casual yet chic designs. The label recently expanded into accessories and jewelry, with the same design ethos as its popular footwear.

aeyde boots

Aeyde Boots

Boots are the core of the Aeyde label, and there are now over 20 core styles of ankle boots and fifteen styles of high boots. In other words, if the aesthetic appeals to you, you should be able to find a style that suits your lifestyle and personality.

We love the clean, minimalistic lines of all Aeyde boots styles, which lend themselves to longevity and timelessness. Each style comes in core neutral colors like black and brown, and are only identifiable as Aeyde by the single red stitch at the top of the heel, and by the signature Aeyde understated design.

where are aeyde shoes made

Where are Aeyde Shoes made?

All Aeyde shoes and Aeyde sandals are handmade in Italy. Because they are made with luxury-grade leathers and fabrics, some naturally-occurring variations are normal and should not be considered product defects.

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All Aeyde jewelry is also handmade in Italy.

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