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You are the interviewer 2 – Permanent Style

You are the interviewer 2 – Permanent Style

To my respected mentor, Mr. Simon Crompton,

Greetings! I am a passionate fan from South Korea who loves your & YouTube channel and reached out to you via email, expressing my intention to seek your insights. I have been an avid subscriber to your blog.I’ve devoted my time to read your articles, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in the process.
Although I’m in my twenties, my deep interest in classic fashion has been kindled by my pursuit of studying law and planning a career in that field. Regrettably, Korea isn’t a prominent hub for classic fashion, making it challenging to access the refined world of European bespoke tailoring. Despite the presence of a few well-known ready-to-wear brands in department stores and high-end second-hand bespoke shops, I make regular visits to these places in order to immerse myself in the essence of your blog(Permanent

Standing at 172cm, I have a compact physique with well-defined muscles and shoulders from regular workouts. However, my love for food has contributed to what is playfully termed a “Maradona” physique. Consequently, finding off-the-rack attire that fits well poses a significant challenge. In Korea, the prevalence of Neapolitan tailoring, particularly from Italy, contrasts with my preference for the structured shoulder aesthetics of British, Milanese, and Roman tailoring.

Having absorbed the contents of your book, A. Caraceni in Milan and T&G Caraceni in Rome stand out as the most captivating Italian tailoring houses for me. However, A. Caraceni appears to be more renowned for their double-breasted suits, while my physique leans more toward single-breasted styles. Hence, I am more drawn to the style of T&G Caraceni. (I also hold a deep admiration for Gaetano Aloisio’s cloths and have had the pleasure of experiencing some at second-hand shops, although I haven’t had the chance to witness Caraceni’s masterpieces in person.)

In truth, my initial fascination with suits was sparked by James Bond’s silk-blend Tom Ford suit in the 007 Spectre film. Consequently, I tend to lean towards suits that exude a touch of masculine charm. Your Steven Hitchcock suit is amazing!

Trunk shows in Korea sometimes feature Liverano & Liverano from Florence, A&S, and Huntsman from the UK. However, I remain uncertain whether these suits would flatter my physique. Trying on ready-to-wear suits in stores often leaves me feeling awkward, as they rarely provide the desired fit and silhouette. My interest has now turned towards Steven Hitchcock, the son of the retired John Hitchcock, due to several articles I’ve come across.

In summary, I aspire to journey to Europe one day to experience bespoke tailoring firsthand. Yet, travel limitations necessitate a meticulous consideration of the tailoring house best suited to my body type and desired silhouette. As previously mentioned, T&G Caraceni in Rome and Steven Hitchcock Bespoke in the UK have piqued my interest. Despite my limited exposure, I am eagerly seeking your sincere advice. If I may, I’d like to attach some photos in order to solicit your recommendations on a suitable tailoring house. The photos might not be of the highest quality, but I humbly request your guidance. Please recommend some bepoke houses that you have seen, heard, and experienced that would match my body type🙏🏻

The suits I’ve worn in Korea include:

Edward Sexton’s linen double-breasted suit.

Tom Ford suit (focusing on the jacket as the trousers require alteration).

Stefano Ricci suit.

Brioni suit.

Cesare Attolini suit.

Suits I’ve tried on in Tokyo,Japan at the Isetan department store include:

See Also

Henry Poole suit.

Rubinacci suit.

Cifonelli suit.

I’ve also included a photo of a suit from “Sartoria Napoletana in Seoul,” crafted by “Sarto Jun,” who learned under Antonio Pascariello in Naples and previously worked at “Tie your Tie” in Japan (known for its association with Kiton).

Please excuse my casual attire and my comfortable disposition as I explore shops or travel, trying on ready-to-wear garments. Please bear with me as I might encounter size or fit issues. 😂


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