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Zilliqa Partners with Alien Worlds

Zilliqa Partners with Alien Worlds

Zilliqa is a layer-1 smart contract blockchain platform that has announced its partnership with Alien Worlds, one of the most popular play-to-earn blockchain games with over 700K monthly active users. The partnership will help Alien Worlds integrate the Zilliqa blockchain using their Unity Software Development Kit. Other highlights of this partnership include a deal with Zilliqa’s eSports partners to showcase in-game features in Alien Worlds.

 The collaboration between blockchain game Alien Worlds and Zilliqa will expand Zilliqa’s portfolio of blockchain games before they launch a brand new NFT game and blockchain platform next year.

About the partnership

Zilliqa launched the Unity SDK in May 2022, accelerating the adoption of the Zilliqa blockchain in games. In addition, it allows games deployed on other protocols to migrate easily. As a part of the partnership, the Zilliqa blockchain will be integrated within Alien Worlds through the Unity SDK. Zilliqa will also provide a platform to showcase the in-game DAOs and PvP features in one place. The company is also building a gaming hub to help players buy, sell and trade in-game items and earn rewards.

“We’ll provide Alien Worlds with technical support to ensure the game is properly integrated with our Unity SDK and gaming hub, in what will be a strong addition to our ecosystem.”

Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology

According to the Alien Worlds team, integrating the Zilliqa blockchain will help the game introduce DAO tokens as a part of its game mechanics. In addition, Zilliqa’s eSports partners will also help Alien Worlds bring competitive gaming to blockchain games. These features will help onboard more traditional gamers with the advantage of more exciting P2P gaming in web3 games.

Advantage of Zilliqa’s eSport partners

In March 2022, Zilliqa partnered with three eSports and gaming companies, including Indonesian-based RPQ, Sweden-based Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Spain-based MAD Lions. Being the official blockchain partner of the above eSports companies, Zilliqa will be responsible for implementing web3 solutions, NFT integration, and metaverse features for the eSports brands.

“Our esports partners provide us with access to huge audiences of highly engaged, tech-savvy fans. We’re excited by the prospect of building web3 experiences for these fans and enabling new ways to engage with and support the players and teams they’re passionate about.”

Fleetham, Head of Zilliqa Sporting and Gaming Department.

Alien Worlds will have the opportunity to use Zilliqa’s partners and experience to reach traditional gamers. Players will have the chance to earn more rewards in competitive battles, attracting traditional gamers. As a part of this partnership, Zilliqa’s eSports partners will host an Alien World’s challenge for existing Alien Worlds players and fans. 

Players who already play Alien Worlds will have the chance to get early access and in-game rewards for Zilliqa’s game launch. On the other hand, Alien World’s large player base will help Zilliqa gain exposure for the upcoming gaming hub and the upcoming blockchain game. So it’s a win-win situation for both Alien Worlds and Zilliqa.

Ninjas ion Pyjamas Partnership with Zilliqa Blockchain

What is the Zilliqa blockchain?

Zilliqa is a layer-1 high security and low fee distributed blockchain platform that uses a unique technology called sharding. The sharding process splits the blockchain into several interconnected blockchains to carry out transactions. Zilliqa was launched in 2017 by Amrit Kumar and Xinshu Don. The blockchain offers many features such as smart contracts, token issuance, dApps infrastructure, etc. The native token of the Zilliqa blockchain is the Zilliqa coin (ZIL). ZIL is used to pay for transactions on the Zilliqa blockchain. The total supply of ZIL is fixed at 21 billion.

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