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10 Indonesian Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

10 Indonesian Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

In today’s world, where we find ourselves working from home, attending online classes, or dealing with various forms of quarantine, our online presence has skyrocketed. We spend more time than ever on the internet, which allows us to rediscover old interests and explore new passions with ease. Among the exciting discoveries, the Indonesian streetwear and independent clothing scene has gained remarkable popularity in recent years. These brands offer high-quality, stylish, and unique pieces that are hard to ignore. Let’s take a closer look at 10 Indonesian streetwear brands that deserve your attention:


1. Crooz

Established in 2003, Crooz is a pioneer in Indonesia’s streetwear scene with deep roots in music. Over the years, they have evolved from bold doodle graphics to a more mature and versatile style influenced by subcultures like skateboarding and community building. Crooz has even expanded its reach to neighboring countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.


2. Berak

Since its founding in 2011, Berak has embraced its tagline, “counter culture.” The brand offers a colorful, edgy aesthetic with a wide range of items, including bags, outerwear, hats, and even umbrellas. Their tasteful campaigns and lookbooks are truly “un-berakable.”



3. Public Culture

Founded in 2015, Public Culture focuses on youth culture as its primary audience. They’ve been a driving force in the rise of independent fashion lines in Indonesia. Not confined by boundaries, the brand is known for releasing iconic pieces that don’t conform to traditional standards. They also maintain an active blog to connect with their followers.


4. Thanks Insomnia

This brand, created by Mohan Hazian, goes beyond T-shirts to explore items like basketball jerseys and knitted sweatshirts. Their love for music is evident in collaborations with music icons like Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain. Thanks Insomnia’s diverse accessories range from necklaces to disposable film cameras.



5. Elhaus

Established in 2010, Elhaus is known for producing quality denims and timeless pieces. Their expertise extends to graphic tees, rayon polo shirts, outerwear, and workwear. The brand has expanded internationally, offering a must-see selection of selvedge denims.


6. Unkl347

Considered an OG in the Indonesian streetwear scene, Unkl347, which began in 1996 as 347boardriders, combines skateboarding, music, and graphic design influences. They have a rich history, proudly highlighting locally sourced goods. The brand’s minimalist approach and iconic bowl logo are worth exploring.


7. Skymo

Founded in 2008 in Bogor, Skymo caters to various subcultures, particularly the music and skateboarding scenes. Their mature blend of colors and graphics ensures their products are suitable for any occasion. Don’t miss a visit to their flagship store in Bogor; the aesthetic is truly mood-setting.


8. Domestik

Established in 2016 in Yogyakarta, Domestik draws inspiration from local culture, art, and music. The brand collaborates with artists across various fields and is known for projects like “Repurposed Deadstock,” which pushes creative boundaries through graphics. Their designs are holistic, unapologetic, artsy, and classy.

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9. Paradise Youth Club

Founded in 2015, Paradise Youth Club is known for its presentation and use of neon and bright colors. They’ve gained recognition worldwide, from South Korea to Europe. Their “Better Days” collection is a must-see.


10. Based Club

Established in 2014 in Bandung, Based Club has grown rapidly with contemporary designs and a playful attitude. They offer a wide range of products, from shirts to footwear, with a modern take on the 90s analog-to-digital feel.


Special Mention: Yauds

Established in 2016, Yauds has made a mark both at home and abroad. Their designs reflect a deep connection to graffiti, skateboarding, and music. Notably, they’ve joined forces with the streetwear movement at AGENDA, a Las Vegas-based house trade show.


The world of Indonesian streetwear is on the rise, and it’s not slowing down. These brands are gaining recognition globally, thanks to their well-crafted pieces, engaging storytelling, and exposure on respected platforms. With an abundance of creativity and talent, Indonesia is set to become a major player in the streetwear scene. Discover your favorite brand by exploring their websites and international shipping options.

Get ready to embrace Indonesian streetwear!

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