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16 Of The Best Men’s Elastic Waist Pants That Will Stay Up and Keep You Comfortable All Of 2022

16 Of The Best Men’s Elastic Waist Pants That Will Stay Up and Keep You Comfortable All Of 2022

Let’s face it, we all miss working from home—lounging on the couch, getting to stay home with your furry friends, snacking until your heart’s content. But most importantly, no uncomfortable work clothes.

No matter how long you’ve been back in the office, you’re probably still sitting at your desk yearning for your comfortable, worn-in sweatpants. Luckily, we have the next best thing. 

Whoever said you couldn’t have it all wasn’t thinking about men’s elastic waist pants. They combine the comfort of sweatpants with the style functionality of your favorite work slacks.

On days when doing up, buttons or flys just feels like too much effort, you can slip them on and keep moving. Keep reading for our picks of men’s pants with an elastic waist so comfortable you’ll forget you’re not in your sweats. 


Wax London SS22

It’s rare to find a pair of pants you can wear to the office, then come home and not think twice about kicking back on the couch in. A Day’s March Tencel Smart Trousers are here to show you it’s more likely than you’d think. These slightly tapered, relaxed-fit pants give you the best of both worlds for comfort and style. 

The breathable Tencel fabric with conforming men’s elastic waist pants pair perfectly with a crisp tee and your favorite pair of sneakers. We noticed other customers size down for a more fitted look. If that’s the silhouette you’re looking for, we recommend following suit.  

Style: Dress Pants | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: 44-54 | Material: 100% Tencel | Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Beige | Care: Machine Wash 

Whoever said luxury couldn’t be comfortable has clearly never tried on a pair of Mr. Porter Virgin Wool Drawstring Golf trousers. Their adjustable drawstring waist and roomy but tapered fit make these the best men’s elastic waist pants for guys who know you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. 

Their black and white checked pattern provides a look that’s both cool and unique. They’re also neutral enough to pair with anything, from a sleek button-down to your favorite sweater. Combine those benefits with the wool blend and roomy pockets, and you’ll feel like you never took off your favorite pair of sweatpants. 

Style: Dress pants | Fit: Tapered | Size range: 28-40 | Material: 100% Wool | Colors: Black & White Checkered | Care: Machine Wash

If you think men’s elastic waist pants comfort shouldn’t be confined only to the chilly winter months, Edwin Gangis Shorts have got your back… Or your legs, we should say. These relaxed, elastic waist shorts are made of 100% breathable cotton and have a loose and breezy silhouette. They’re the perfect choice for the summer months. 

These shorts come in three basic colors, making them an easy addition to your wardrobe that matches almost anything. These shorts are a little longer than what’s in right now, so if you’re looking for a trendier length, these may not be for you. 

Style: Shorts | Fit: Loose | Size range: S-XXL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Black, Blue, Beige | Care: Machine Wash

RicherPoorer’s Terry Trouser can only be described as dangerously comfortable. The adjustable drawstring waist and loose cuffed hems mean these pants move with you, even if moving isn’t your top priority when you’re wearing them. 

Their lightweight, cotton terry fabric keeps you warm and comfortable but doesn’t weigh you down. The length of these pants gives you the perfect canvas to show off your favorite high-top kicks—lace them up and pair them with a cozy graphic tee. These pants can run small, so we recommend sizing up to get the true relaxed fit. 

Style: Sweatpants | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: S-XXL | Material: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex | Colors: Gray, Maroon, Black, Navy, + | Care: Machine Wash Cold

Since its founding, Neutrale has aimed to bring sustainable fashion to everyone and reduce their environmental impact. You can feel good both mentally and physically when you buy a pair of their Natural Soft Pants. Their men’s elastic waist pants and cuffs give you the cool, retro jogger look that, up until now, we thought you could only find at a thrift store.  

With vintage style comes modern comfort, and these mid-weight fleece pants are the perfect fall and winter wardrobe staple. One thing to keep in mind is that these pants don’t have a drawstring. If you’re looking for a more adjustable fit, these may not be ideal.

Style: Sweatpants | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: XS-XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Navy, Gray, Blue, Cream | Care: Machine Wash

Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and when it comes to men’s pants with elastic waist Carhartt is here to prove just that. Their zip-up closure and elastic waist combine all the comfort of any other men’s elastic waist pants. The straight-leg look fits in just about anywhere. 

They have plenty of storage room—with front, back, and thigh pockets. Plus, an inner mesh media pocket, so you can trust you’re not sacrificing utility for a low cost. The stretchy material moves with you, and the quick-drying technology wicks sweat away to keep you cool. 

Style: Cargo | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: S-3XL | Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex | Colors: Black, Teal, Blue, Gray, + | Care: Machine Wash 

Heritage Cargo Pants put a modern twist on an old classic—leave it to the Banana Republic to find a way to make comfy cargos classy. Crafted with roomy snap pockets on the back and thighs, as well as an adjustable waist and adjustable drawstring hems, these pants pair maximum comfort.

They come in a variety of rugged, vintage-inspired colors to match and classy/casual outings. They’re also gently tapered for a modern silhouette, so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. These pants tend to have a more relaxed fit than the straight fit listed in the product description, so keep that in mind before you buy. 

Style: Cargo Pants | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: 28-44 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Camo, Green, Navy, Tan, + | Care: Machine Wash

Vineyard Vines Men’s On-The-Go Pants prove that sometimes there’s absolutely no shame in being basic. These pants combine the classic silhouette of a dress pant with the comfort of performance fabric. You can take them from the office to the golf course without breaking a sweat. 

These men’s elastic waist pants are designed for “a burger or beer too many,” and the cotton fabric is water-resistant. These pants are truly designed with a sh*t happens mentality. Pair them with your favorite docksiders and polo, and let these pants take you through your day worry-free. 

Style: Dress Pants | Fit: Slim | Size range: 28/30-42/36 | Material: 55% Cotton, 32% Nylon, 13% Spandex | Colors: Gray, Navy, Blue, Pink, + | Care: Machine Wash 

These Comfort Waist No Iron Chino Pants pretty much say everything you need to know right in the name. The extra 2 inches built into the waistband for an adjustable fit combined with a slim silhouette mean these pants give you the best of both worlds. A wrinkle-free finish, soft cotton feel, and stain resistance equal the ultimate pair of everyday slacks. 

A few customers had trouble with the length of these pants, so be sure to double-check your measurements beforehand. Snag a pair from the wide range of colors, and you’ve got your new favorite pair of office slacks. 

Style: Chinos | Fit: Slim | Size range: 30-46 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Tan, Navy, Black, Gray, + | Care: Machine Wash

Casual Friday is calling with Banana Republic’s Travel Jogger. These khakis provide all the comfort you’d expect from men’s elastic waist pants, plus it’s combined with the cool, modern silhouette of a classic jogger. The cotton blend is stretchy and breathable. Mixed with their drawstring waist and roomy front pockets, these pants are perfect for men on the go.

Keep these pants casual with a pair of high-top sneakers and a graphic tee, or dress them up with boots and a sweater for a laid-back but sophisticated look. 

Style: Joggers | Fit: Slim | Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 98% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex | Colors: Tan, Navy, Maroon, Gray | Care: Machine Wash Inside Out & Air Dry 

If all that comes to mind when you hear the name Lululemon is remembering to air dry your girlfriend’s leggings, we have a surprise for you—Lululemon’s Men’s ABC Jogger. The signature Warpstreme fabric and adjustable drawstring waist help move with you no matter what and still maintain their shape. Now you can hit the gym with peace of mind.

Equipped with front and back pockets as well as a hidden media pocket, everything you need to get through your day will be secure. These joggers are perfect for anything—exercise, lounging on the couch, a hectic day of running errands. Pair these with your favorite tee or hoodie, and seize the day. 

Style: Joggers | Fit: Regular | Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 100% Polyester | Colors: Beige, Green | Care: Machine Wash Cold

And we’re not talking about the office. Dickies Gen Flex Scrubs are the best men’s elastic waist pants for the jobs that get your hands dirty. These pants have all the unique features you could want. You’ll have pockets galore and a bungee loop to hold any kind of gadgets you need.

The elastic waist and drawstring let you adjust them for your ideal fit, and the added spandex moves with you effortlessly. Round out the look with an oversized flannel and your favorite, worn-in pair of boots, and get to work. 

Style: Cargo Pants | Fit: Regular | Size range: XS-5XL | Material: 52% Cotton, 45% Polyester, 3% Spandex | Colors: Green, Brown, Beige, Black, + | Care: Machine Wash

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Imagine this—your time off request goes through without a hitch, and you have a beautiful resort vacation booked. Then you go to pack your suitcase, and all you have are jeans and chinos. Mr. PorterLinen Drawstring Trousers will make sure you’re bringing back memories from vacation and not pockets full of sand.

These 100% linen pants are light and breezy, while the roomy drawstring waist and open-leg ankles provide all-day comfort. They’re definitely a splurge at just under $300, but you deserve to add a little bit of luxury to your summer wardrobe. Grab yourself a pair and hit the beach in style.

Style: Beach Pants | Fit: Loose | Size range: S-XXXL | Material: 100% Linen | Colors: Beige | Care: Machine Wash & Air Dry

When you’re exercising, how your workout clothes fit should be the last thing on your mind. Lululemon’s License To Train Jogger is here to end that concern. With an elastic drawstring waist and a streamlined fit that gives your upper legs extra room, these pants provide a roomy, comfortable fit without getting in the way of your activity. 

The water and the abrasion-resistant fabric is fit with four-way stretch, so no matter how much you push these joggers, they always retain their shape. Throw on your favorite sneakers and hit the gym with confidence.  

Style: Joggers | Fit: Regular | Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane | Colors: Red, Gray, Maroon, Black, +  | Care: Machine Wash Cold

When it comes to the outdoors, no one knows how to dress a man like The North Face. Their Tech Easy Pants are aptly named—they make adventuring easy, so you can focus on the action. Their nylon and elastane blend fabric move with you, from rambling through the woods to running errands. 

Their roomy front pockets and hidden zip compartments can hold all of your essentials and keep them protected from whatever conditions you’re exploring in. The built-in squeeze buckle belt not only lets you adjust the waist for maximum comfort but also provides a cool tech style detail. Reviews mention these pants can run small, so we recommend sizing up for a true relaxed fit.  

Style: Cargo Pants | Fit: Relaxed | Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane | Colors: Gray, Beige, Gray, Navy | Care: Machine Wash

Ever listen to your classic rock playlist and think you were born in the wrong generation? Carhartt created some vintage comfort just for you. These WIP Flint Cord Pants come in a unique tawny color and a tapered silhouette for a modern look. As long-lasting and insulated as they are cool, these pants are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe for warmth and durability. 

These pants would look perfect with any hand-me-down vintage band tees from your dad that you haven’t quite been able to style—a record tucked under your arm as an accessory is optional. Like all men’s elastic waist pants, the elastic helps customize the fit, though we still recommend reading reviews and knowing your measurements before buying. 

Style: Corduroy | Fit: Regular | Size range: S-L | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Brown | Care: Machine Wash

What to look for in men’s elastic waist pants

Location or Purpose 

To make sure you don’t look too casual or underdressed, you need to know if these pants are for the bedroom, boardroom, or both. Different slacks have different specifics—zipper vs. no zipper, pocket placement, drawstring waist, etc. And just like anything with the best men’s pants, the devil is in the details. 


One of the trickiest parts about men’s elastic waist pants is styling them without looking sloppy. The right fabric can take your look to the next level. For a day at the office or a night on the town, ditch the spandex or nylon and opt for a khaki or denim option.  


Comfort is the name of the game with men’s elastic waist pants, right? But just because these pants are made to make you feel relaxed doesn’t mean they should look relaxed. When it comes to elastic-waist slacks and denim, be sure they give you the same modern, tapered silhouette as any of your favorite trousers. 


    • Every pair of elastic waist pants is different. Some have a drawstring or button that adjusts the elastic, and some just have the band. In the case of most elastic waist slacks, you can easily use a seam ripper to take out some of the casing seams. Then pull out the elastic band and tie it in a loop or a knot to tighten the band further. If that’s not possible, though, it may be time to ditch the pants and consult this guide again.

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