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2020 FILCAN Music Rap Awards Call For Nominations

2020 FILCAN Music Rap Awards Call For Nominations

The Filipino population in Canada doubles each year, and the number of Filipino creatives in the music field alongside it. A decade ago there were only a handful of Rap artists creating and putting out music. With the rise of the genre and of social and streaming platforms there has been an exponential growth in the past few years. DJs, producers, dancers, artists, promoters and many others have connected with one another to create and develop a community that they call FilCan Music. However to leave it at that would be barely touching the tip of the iceberg. What is FilCan Music in its entirety?

What is FILCAN Music?

I had the chance to ask Raymond Garcia of Southeast Cartel, one of the pillars of the FilCan Rap scene, on what really is FILCAN Music and how it separates itself from different Filipino music.

He said “FilCan Music is not simply a platform or community, it explains the content we make. The topics, the sound, the lingo, the way we think – it all goes into our art. We find that a lot of international Filipinos lean towards either sounding like music back home (Philippines), or towards more of an American sound. Our mentality is “we are who we are”. This means that though we are in Canada, we still remember our roots and embrace both sides openly. We are not afraid to show this in our music. This helps us create art that is unique and totally our own. You can’t make FilCan music without being a FilCan yourself, and to me that’s what makes FilCan Music not only different but authentic.”

Call for the 2020 FilCan Music Rap Awards

In 2020 during the pandemic there was a spike of music released from numerous Rap artists in the Filipino-Canadian community. FILCAN Music and VIBEANT, recognizing artist’s dedication and the need to create something positive in these unsettling times, decided to team up and create the first ever Filcan Rap Awards. This show aims to recognize FilCan Rap artist’s hard work and commitment to their craft, and also to show these artists just how valuable their music is to the community.

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Nomination Process

In order for an artist, music video, or song to be eligible, their content must have been released between January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020 by an artist residing in Canada. The Top 5 nominees for each category will proceed to the voting stage. You can nominate wherever you are in the world and you may nominate one or all of the categories. Take note that only nominations from a valid email address will be counted. Lastly, please ensure that when nominating in any category that the details are complete. Incomplete details on your nomination for any category will not count.

Nomination Categories

  • Music Video of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Rap Group of the Year
  • Solo Artist of the Year
  • EP/Album of the Year
  • Collaboration of the Year

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