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A New Marketplace Expanding the Utility of Video NFTs

A New Marketplace Expanding the Utility of Video NFTs

In the last two weeks since STRMNFT opened for registration on May 31, the new digital assets
marketplace was getting increased adoption with its unique features and exclusive offers.
Where many newly-launched NFT marketplaces have struggled, STRMNFT bursts onto the scene boasting a
a new blockchain and NFT token standard .

STRMNFT Markeplace is turning the world of video NFTs upside down


STRMNFT is a marketplace created to allow everyone to experience video NFTs by offering a
user-friendly interface backed by cutting-edge technology. It places itself away from its
competitors by providing a modern and different approach for users to present their art, whether
an image or a complete video.

How Does The STRMNFT Marketplace Work?

In short, this marketplace features a native blockchain that is capable of processing 300,000
transactions per second, a speed that excels every similar network on the market. Additionally, STRMNFT boasts a unique and new token standard to mint NFTs: NSTA_602 (NFT
Standard Token Agreement_602).

Users can enjoy many OTT functionalities that make their experience unique.  For example, these
functionalities include support following other channels, having audience settings for the NFTs,
age-restricted content, playlists, and many others.

How Does Minting on STRMNFT Work?

STRMNFT uses its native blockchain with a new and different consensus called DDPoS (Dual
Delegated Proof of Stake). With this consensus, STRMNFT is able to process transactions with
a little delay while providing a high level of security for the network.

STRMNFT blockchain uses the NSTA_602 token standard to let users mint NFTs and store it
on the network. To explain, this standard offers multiple tools and features. Some of these unique features include; tracking ownership history, the ability to mint multiple NFTs from the same file and support for creating NFT ownership for full videos.

What’s Different on the STRMNFT Marketplace?

Then, the backend process for minting doesn’t stop there, as STRMNFT utilizes a different method to
verify the NFT and manage the files associated with it. They call this feature ‘Proof of Deed’ (PoD).

With this method, STRMNFT processes the image or video file separately from the NFT
certificate. Accordingly, this results in a greater speed when trading NFTs or viewing the associated files
on the marketplace.

STRMNFT Offers and Promotions

If you register today on STRMNFT, you can benefit from the following offers:

Zero-fee NFT Minting

Since its opening on May 31, STRMNFT announced that all the NFTs that will be minted before July will be free of charge, which saves a lot of money for new users who want to experience NFTs without bothering with crypto fees.

The ‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge With a $10,000 Prize Pool

In short, to spread its message worldwide, STRMNFT launched the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge to
enable all its users and fans to express their love for the brand with a big prize pool to inspire their creativity.
Thus, the prize pool comprises a total of $10,000 worth of the STRM & GSTRM tokens, and it will be shared among the top 31 creative participants as follows:

  • Firstly, the lucky 1st place prize is $5,000.
  • Then, the next 5 winners receive $500 each.
  • The final 25 winners get $100 each.

How To Get Involved In The ‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge

So, if you’d like to participate, visit STRMNFT’s Twitter post about the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge. STRMNFT encourages everyone to participate before the end of the challenge on June 30, at
11:59 PM GST. Check out the STRMNFT Marketplace website for more information too!

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