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Chumbi Valley Updates – New Roadmap, CHMB Airdrop

Chumbi Valley Updates – New Roadmap, CHMB Airdrop

Chumbi Valley updated their roadmap, dividing it into stages, rather than a specific timeline. Along the way, they’ve also given us updated details on the breeding system, token unlocks for investors and original Seed Chumbi purchasers, and a preview of the base coats for the Generation One Chumbis.

The roadmap update was a smart move. Not only from a public relations perspective, but also in regards to development. Giving firm release dates too far in advance to the public just invites criticism when they’re not met. And it also puts unnecessary pressure on the team to hit certain dates no matter what.

Chumbi Valley breeding infographic

In the updated roadmap, Chumbi Valley is currently in stage 3, with the pre-alpha game as top priority. Another features in development is a new website with a Chumbi marketplace. Players can use their CHMB tokens to purchase all Chumbi related NFTs. The team plans to release physical merchandise in the near future, which I believe will also be available for purchase with the CHMB token.

In addition, we should see the portal for the breeding feature opened soon. This includes a free mint for Seed Chumbi, and a Seed Pod sale for everyone. There will be, at most, 12,288 Generation One Chumbi created. The Gen 1 Seed Pod sale also doubles as a token burning event, with up to $1 million USD worth of tokens burned from the sale. Bred Chumbi inherit traits from their parents, while purchased Seeds produce random Chumbi.

Speaking of Generation 1 Chumbis, the art team revealed a set of 15 coat designs for Gen 1 Chumbis. These are the base designs, but since Chumbis can be of two different types, most will have variations of mixed coats.

Additionally, those who own Crates from the Staker’s Crate sale will soon be able to open them and reveal the contents.

CHMB Airdrop and Investor Unlocking

The Chumbi team also released new details about their plans for a scheduled release of CHMB tokens. As promised, anyone who purchased a Seed Chumbi from the original NFT sale (ie, not a secondary sale) will receive an airdrop. The tokens from this airdrop will vest over twelve (12) months beginning on June 18th. 2022. Tokens can be claimed daily once the vesting portal goes live (expected on June 19th).

At the same time, the private investors can also start claiming their vested tokens. The team plans to release a more detailed report on the private vesting schedule and directions for using the claiming portal.

What is Chumbi Valley?

Generaion One Forest Chumbi
Gen 1 Forest coat

Chumbi Valley is an adventure game with taming, breeding, and other such creature owning activities. Players explore the world with customizable characters, grow crops on their lands, fight Chumbi battles against cursed Chumbi and other players, craft items, and breed new Chumbis. Chumbis are generative, with different body parts and appearances.

Breeding Generation One Chumbis is coming soon. There are only 4096 original Seed Chumbis. But, there are some coat types which can only be found in the third or fourth generations, encouraging breeders to keep making Seed Pods and also providing value to later generation Chumbi. The game token, CHMB is already circulating. Plans for the token utility include a Chumbi marketplace, and a staking portal.

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