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Bianca Van Damme & Scott Bushaw Announce Vice NFT Collection

Bianca Van Damme & Scott Bushaw Announce Vice NFT Collection

Bianca Van Damme & Scott Bushaw officially launch the VICE NFT series in observance of Mental Health awareness month. As the second series in the collection, VICE features a remarkable series of beautifully rendered artworks embodying Binica’s many personalities.

Binaca wanted to be so many different things growing up. So she chose acting to be many personalities in one lifetime.

While one may be too hard for you to handle, Bianca intends to assemble her mighty intellect avengers for the blockchain. On May 13th, all nine of Bianca Van Damme’s personalities band together on a mission to raise mental health awareness. Additionally, each piece illustrates Bianca’s own emotional and mental journey as some parts are created during highs and others during lows.

“Creating this personality piece while feeling confident and the whole rebellious VICE series was a moment of truth for me. To feel like I can express all the personality traits I usually have to hide, can’t express or don’t know how to.”

–  Bianca Van Damme

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