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Play TowerSmash Open Pre-Alpha – Play to Earn

Play TowerSmash Open Pre-Alpha – Play to Earn

The time of the game alphas is upon us! The latest, from a game called TowerSmash is open to anyone and everyone. The game will run on the WAX blockchain, but for this pre-alpha you don’t need an account. Just download and run the game!

TowerSmash is a deck building, tower smashing game. Each player has a Tower and a Wall for blocking damage. Using a variety of cards and three resources, either reduce your opponent’s Tower to zero health, or raise your Tower’s health to 50 to win the game!

This pre-alpha is very limited. Players only have the option of playing in the Arena (PvP). There are no rewards, no leaderboard. You can’t set your name or profile picture. There are no stats. Your match results just vanish into the void. And everyone gets the same deck!

But, despite that, the game is still kind of fun! And with only a few matches in my belt, I can already see opportunities for strategy, even without building your own deck. The game itself seems to work rather smoothly. Understanding the mechanics is an easy task. Your Tower and Walls visibly grow in-game as you increase their hit points, which is a nice touch. Overall a good look and feel. Although a play history would be nice!

TowerSmash alpha gameplay

Games are quick. Usually not more than 10 minutes. The Necromancer’s Curse (deals increasing damage to each player after turn 12), ensures a limited game length. And if both players are familiar with how to play, the action can be fast paced. (note: if you have no cards to play, right click a card in hard to discard it!)

TowerSmash has a lot going for it. They have a fun game, well-suited for playing on mobile. They have a meaningful way to leverage NFTs . If they can keep the game balanced in a fun way, and make sure that there is enough replayability so that the gameplay doesnt get boring, this game could take off.

What is TowerSmash?

TowerSmash is a Might and Magic inspired collectible card game where two players build decks of cards and pit them against each other in a duel to try and destroy each other’s Tower. TowerSmash features three resources, Recruits, Gems, and Bricks. You can think of these as mana for the different color cards. Each turn, the player gains resources based on current levels of their fortress. Dungeons create recruits, Magic creates gems, and Quarry generates Bricks.

TowerSmash Tree Boss

During the game, players drop different cards on the board. Cards can bolster defenses, attack opponents, increase or reduce resources, or even all of the above! Finding a balance between defense, offense, and increasing your resource production is the main strategy of the game.

That game will include PvE adventures and boss battles with special rules or abilities. Biomes can also affect gameplay with different effects. PvP will include a casual mode as well as ladder matches and tournaments. Players earn cards by defeating bosses and playing in tournaments.

The game is not free to play. It requires purchasing a starter deck. However, players do get $ORB for winning battles and completing quests. $ORB can be sold on Alcor or used to upgrade your cards, which are NFTs. Combine cards along with $ORB and Dust (made by burning cards) to create higher rarity versions with increased power. The highest level cards require special ingredients for upgrading, such as Monster Fangs and Runestones.

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