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Big Time Studios Announces Open Loot Platform for Developers

Big Time Studios Announces Open Loot Platform for Developers

Big Time Studios, the developer and publisher of the action RPG game “Big Time,” has announced the upcoming launch of a new tool known as Open Loot that will help developers deploy web3 games easily. The platform will make it easier for developers to distribute NFTs seamlessly through the Open Loot marketplace. It also removes the customer’s need to go into the depth of web3 issues such as wallet management and payments.

The Open Loot platform will allow game developers to integrate blockchain technology in upcoming games and deploy them easily. With excellent infrastructure, it will provide all the set of tools that a developer will require to build a blockchain game from scratch. Developers can integrate a token-based economy and manage NFT characters and items in their games.

The Open Loot marketplace offers zero gas fees with instant transaction settlement for players to easily trade NFTs. In addition, the marketplace has a smooth and exciting UI that will allow you to make your transactions hassle-free.

Open Loot is aimed at web2 developers who find it difficult to venture into the blockchain gaming space. So, this platform will help these developers onboard onto the web3 gaming world by providing a helping hand. Using the platform, developers can distribute NFTs through airdrops, auctions, fixed price sales, and loot boxes.

Furthermore, developers need not manage customer support, payment issues, or fraud prevention. Instead, the Open Loot team will manage all the problems on behalf of partner studios. Other features of the platform include marketing support, credit card support, chargeback management, multi-chain deposit support, integrated gameplay analytics, and much more.

With no gas fees and instant transaction settlement, OL creates the best possible experience for players like no other platform. 

“We believe that we can bring the success we realized with Big Time to our partner studios and have them join the largest web3 gaming community in the world”

Ari Meilich, CEO at Big Time Studios

The Vault Technology of the platform makes it easy to receive and manage blockchain assets and helps players sell and trade efficiently. They have also launched an “Open Loot Ecosystem Fund” to help developers bring Web3 schemes by providing them with the required funds.

Big Time has announced four partners for the Open Loop project, including game developers GC Turbo, Hit Factor, Motor Meta, and Circle. All the partner studios have vast experience in game building and launching. In addition, the platform is actively looking for gaming studios to partner with to help bring web3 gaming to players worldwide.

Big Time Open Loot Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the platform, Big Time has announced a giveaway. Prizes include Bigtime 10x Small Rare Space. Participants have to retweet the quoted tweet and follow openloot and playbigtime twitter channels. Winners will be able to trade their NFTs on the marketplace.

About Open Loot Marketplace

The Open Loot marketplace will allow developers to sell NFTs through direct sales, loot boxes, auctions, and special events. Top developers have developed the platform in the NFT gaming industry. It will provide complete marketing automation to its client developers. The team behind it marketplace includes Ari, CEO and Decentraland co-founder; Thor – Executive producer; and Matt – CTO.

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