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Nike Style store with web3 experiences opened in Seoul

Nike Style store with web3 experiences opened in Seoul

Nike has recently gained a rapid pace in the web3 expansion and is only going to speed up. Thus, the brand’s new Nike Style store, which opened in the neighborhood of Hongdae, Seoul on July 15th, offers its visitors to go to web3 and back. The never-before-seen concept, which Nike calls ‘digital-physical’, houses both digital and physical areas, offering these two experiences:

  • QR codes, transferring clients to the in-store AR zones
  • A studio of contents, which offers shoppers to process photo and video insights for their socials using customizable backdrops

The idea of merging two realities dates back to Nike’s 2020 coronavirus pandemic playbook, where the focus was less on physical traffic in stores but on transferring shoppers to web selling points by opening new media channels.

According to the blog post on Nike’s website, the Style store delivers other unique community experiences, like Nike By You workshops and SNKRS Lounge events for the Nike community members to pay a tribute to the local sneakerheads’ culture. Another appeal to youngsters is the focus on gender-agnostic clothing suitable for all body types.

The second Nike Style is scheduled to open its doors in Shanghai already this fall. Following the initial doors in Korea and China, the Nike Style concept will expand into other countries in the future.

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Being at the forefront of the web3 expansion, Nike will be certainly rolling out some new initiatives. Who knows what metaverse moves the brand is preparing for its younger audiences. Let’s wait and see.

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