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Black Women in Tech NFT Collection to Support Young Girls

Black Women in Tech NFT Collection to Support Young Girls

Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT) will be releasing an NFT collection that celebrates the accomplishments of black women in tech. This NFT collection represents what they envision for the future of technology, with successful black women at the helm.

GTA BWIT’s NFT collection is a celebration of black women.

About the Black Women in Tech NFT collection

Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT) is the group launching this empowering NFT collection. Therefore, at its core, it is a creative interpretation of what the group envisions for the future of technology.

GTA BWIT founder Flavilla Fongang is the artist of the project. Significantly, the artwork has a message, as Flavilla drew inspiration from the challenges she faced in her career. There are 10 designs in total. It is important to note that they all have their own name, backstory, and purpose.

“The artwork depicts our black women in various roles and personalities,” said Flavilla Fongang. “From the finest moment of them girl-bossing, to living an adventurous, exciting life in engineering, or being the entrepreneur she was destined to be.”

She continued: “We created this creative collective to also find a way to support 10 individuals with their dreams and aspirations. Everything we do with BWIT is to support the growth and development of young girls and demonstrate that a career and future within tech is possible.”

The collection will be launched exclusively on Deliciae tomorrow, in conjunction with a festival organised by GTA BWIT. Furthermore, the festival will also feature the release of the new book ‘”The Voices in the Shadow.” The book continues to build upon the NFT collection’s theme by exploring the stories of 51 black women in tech.

What is BWIT?

Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech is a non-profit global organisation that creates tech opportunities. Primarily, it empowers black talent to excel and enables companies to have access to black talent. Above all, GTA BWIT is a community of black tech advocates and allies who promote diversity and inclusion.


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