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Designer Fine Jewelry Investment Guide– The Luxury Closet

Designer Fine Jewelry Investment Guide– The Luxury Closet

Fine jewelry does so much more than help you make a fashion statement. A good quality vintage or designer piece can end up being your everyday talisman, a precious reminder of times gone by, or an investment for the future — if you can ever bear to part with it.

The Luxury Closet’s range of designer fine jewelry includes fashion, vintage, and limited-edition pieces. We have industry experts who authenticate and assess every item to ensure you get the highest quality. If you’re planning to purchase authentic fine jewelry, it is crucial to pick pieces you get the maximum use out of. The following guide and the features of some of our favorite jewelry makers and designers will help you find the right ones.

  1. Know Your Size — This applies to almost every area of fashion but is sometimes overlooked while choosing jewelry. While buying designs such as rings and bracelets, sizing becomes pivotal, for we want them to wrap our fingers and wrists gracefully.
  2. Know Your Style — Jewelry that complements your ensemble or your style sense as a whole will be much easier for you to style on a regular basis. Having a little look through your wardrobe before investing is a really good idea.
  3. Get The Essentials — Just like your make-up bag and your wardrobe, there are staples of jewelry that never seem to go out of style and can be effortlessly styled with any outfit. Prized possessions like pendant necklaces, hoop earrings, and band rings are elegant, understated touches that will impact your aesthetic in the most versatile way.
  4. Understand Precious Materials — Making informed choices after knowing the meaning of precious metals and stones, which gold to buy, and different types of diamond cuts can be helpful before making an investment from a financial perspective. 

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Here are some of our favorite designer fine jewelry makers:


Designer fine jewelry
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Founded in the late 1800s and originally silversmiths, BVLGARI jewelry is known for its colorful gems, decadence, and geometric patterns used in its creations. Often brightly colored and always exquisitely crafted, BVLGARI pieces make a statement and are influenced by the magnificent monuments of Rome. Some of its popular collections are the Serpenti, B.zero1, Bvlgari Bvlgari, and Divas’ Dream.


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One of the world’s most prestigious jewelry makers, the French label, Cartier, is the jeweler of choice for royalty around the world. Their elegance, intricacy, and clean, smooth lines make their pieces instantly recognizable and universally wearable. The Cartier LOVE and Amulette de Cartier collections are the perfect examples of sleek and graceful work.


Tiffany wedding ring
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New York-based jewelry designer Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 and is now synonymous with gold, sterling silver, and diamond jewelry. Clean cut lines and a smooth, highly polished finish make their pieces stand out in any collection. The brand’s iconic Tiffany® Setting, first introduced in 1886, remains one of the most iconic engagement rings and symbolizes the Maison’s legacy of empowering incredible love stories.


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The French fine jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels is recognized for its majestic creations. The Alhambra lineup, a timeless icon of the label, was inspired by four-leaf clover and reminiscent of classic Moorish quatrefoil. VCA’s romantic flair blended with its love for nature has offered other styles such as Passe-Partout, Frivole, Papillon and employed the motifs of fairies, charming animals, and flowers.

When buying fine jewelry, longevity is the key. You want a piece you will love every time you wear it, making you feel just as good as you deserve. 

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