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Gamestop NFT Marketplace Removes Falling Man NFT

Gamestop NFT Marketplace Removes Falling Man NFT

Gamestop has removed a Falling Man NFT from its marketplace after it sparked outrage and debate in the NFT community. The NFT in question, ‘Falling Man,’ is similar to an image captured during the September 11th terrorist attack in 2001. The NFT on Gamestop featured an astronaut with the caption, “This one probably fell from the MIR station.” Before GameStop pulled the NFT from its marketplace, it was allegedly minted 25 times and sold initially for 0.65 ETH.

After complaints, Gamestop has removed a ‘falling man’ NFT from its marketplace.

Gamestop NFT marketplace Removes shocking NFT

In 2001, terrorists from the Islamic extremist network al-Qaeda attacked the United States and changed the landscape of the 21st century. There were four suicide attacks using commercial aeroplanes. In total, 2977 people died due to this cowardly act and many more in the subsequent ‘war on terror.’

Associated Press photographer Richard Drew took an image of a man falling to his death from the Twin Towers building. Many people in the building could not escape and were faced with jumping from hundreds of feet up or waiting for the fire.

The ‘Falling Man’ NFT is incredibly similar to the photograph, and many people took to social media to complain about it being available on the Gamestop NFT marketplace.

Falling Man NFT has a history of criticism

At the time in 2001, the original photograph wasn’t very popular. Critics called it ghoulish and distasteful. Although still terrifying, the image represents the horror of the attacks, and the awful choices, some people in the building had to make. Unfortunately, the person in question was never found or identified.

Finally, the Gamestop NFT marketplace is relatively new to the space. However, the Falling Man NFT removal suggests it is listening to users. It has been growing in popularity since it launched in May.

With its Beta marketplace fully live, it hopes to take on the NFT marketplace space.


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