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Dubschool: Calgary’s Rising Trio Unleashes “Awakening Chaos” in the DnB Scene

Dubschool: Calgary’s Rising Trio Unleashes “Awakening Chaos” in the DnB Scene

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, a new force has emerged from Calgary – Dubschool. This trio, consisting of Ryan De Guzman aka Rubix, Brady Webster aka Maponus, and Darrin Wistow aka Dublic, is rapidly gaining recognition for their innovative sound. Formed in August 2023, Dubschool is not just a group; it’s a synergetic fusion of seasoned talents with deep roots in production, DJing, and MCing.



Their music is a thrilling blend, traversing the realms of Hip Hop, 140 bpm, and their core strength – Drum and Bass (DnB). The group’s formation is a story of mentorship turning into partnership. Under Dublic’s guidance, Maponus and Rubix honed their production skills, leading to the creation of this dynamic trio.


Notably, Dubschool is now an integral part of the RunnIT Production crew since January 12, 2024, further strengthening their presence in the music scene. This affiliation is a testament to their skill and potential, especially considering Maponus and Dublic’s prior involvement with RunnIT.


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Exciting times lie ahead for Dubschool in 2024. February sees the release of their Drum and Bass EP “Awakening Chaos” under West Cove Recordings, an Edmonton-based label. Later in the year, they’re set to launch another EP with Big And Heavy Recordings, a prominent label from the UK. This upcoming project is eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike, promising to showcase Dubschool’s unique blend of styles and rhythms.


Listen to Dubschool here.

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