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Play to Airdrop with Nyan Heroes

Play to Airdrop with Nyan Heroes

Another play to airdrop campaign arrives soon! This one from Nyan Heroes, a team-based shooter featuring, powerful, agile mechs piloted by cats! And for two weeks in February, players will be able to join a Nyan Heroes playtest and earn some NYN tokens along the way!

Barely two weeks into January and the web3 gaming activities just don’t stop! One of the latest announcements comes from Nyan Heroes, who plan to hold a special free to play, play to airdrop, early access playtest in February!

The early access playtest begins in February and runs for two weeks. The game will be available through Epic Games. You can go ahead and wishlist Nyan Heroes with this link.

The playtest is free and open to everyone. But those with Nyan Heroes or Guardians NFTs will be eligible for extra rewards. Both NFTs are available on Magic Eden. A Nyan Hero will cost you at least 2.6 SOL, while Guardians (or Mechs) are going for around 0.6 SOL at the moment.

We don’t have any details about the exact dates of the playtest, or even how players will earn. But, we do know that rewards from this event include an airdrop of NYN tokens. And aside from rewards for playing, there will also be opportunities to earn through various social events and challenges. Keep an eye on their social media channels for further updates.

NYN is the native token for Nyan Heroes with a fixed supply and a deflationary model. It will be used for pretty much everything in game, with the token fees charged on transactions burnt. NYN will also function as the game’s governance token, allowing holders to have some influence over the game’s development.

NYN token flowchart
NYN token flowchart

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a team-based shooter featuring mechs piloted by cats. With these cat-run mechs comes some catlike agility, allowing players to climb, scale, and bounce off walls, providing an extra level of tactical gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of pilots and weapons, each with their own special abilities and stat.

Nyan Heroes will offer a variety of maps and objectives for players to battle over, with the available options growing over time. They also hope to introduce user generated content in the future. On top of all of that, Nyan Heroes also donates to a global cat charity every time their game is downloaded!

Nyan Heroes runs on the Solana blockchain and is built by a company called 9 Lives Interactive. To learn more about Nyan Heroes, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord.

Nyan Heroes concept artNyan Heroes concept art

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