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Get Ready for May Mayhem with Spider Tanks

Get Ready for May Mayhem with Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks continues to build and grow their tank-based, MOBA, esport game with recent updates. In addition, as part of the Gala Games May Mayhem event, Spider Tanks is offering quite a few bonus rewards to players who win ten or more matches each week!

If you have stepped away from Spider Tanks or never even tried the game, May is a good month to jump back in. The May Mayhem event brings four weeks of rewards for players, simply for playing the game and winning!

May Mayhem is basically an incentive program to generate more player activity and bring some attention to the game. For this year’s event, Spider Tanks will run weekly events, Tuesday through Sunday, with 4 tiers of rewards available each week. Reaching the first tier requires at least 10 wins during the week, while tier 4 requires at least 70 wins. Each tier receives a guaranteed supply of components and Arachnium (the Spider Tanks in-game currency). Players also earn tickets for a weekly raffle that rewards Tank Parts to the winners.

We have the details for the rewards during the first week, but the Spider Tanks team is keeping details about future weeks under wraps. There will likely also be other giveaways and events during the month. Be sure to keep an eye on the Spider Tanks social channels for updates.

week 1 rewards for Spider Tanks May Mayhem

Recent New Features

The Spider Tanks team has been busy updating their game and adding new features. One of those new features is custom contracts. These allow tank owners to create a rental contract for a specific pilot and specify the reward split. Owners can also set a minimum ELO for renters in case they only want qualified pilots driving their tanks.

Spider Tanks has added daily and weekly missions, as well as ongoing login rewards. Completing these missions rewards players with components they can use in their garage. In addition, based on player feedback, they have increased the prep time before matches, giving players a little longer to get setup and choose their abilities.

Also, Spider Tanks recently made some major adjustments to their economy — mainly in the form of SILK distribution. In short, the main change is that the SILK distribution to players, map owners, and node owners now all comes out of a shared pool. There are some more details to this change which you can read in their official blog post.

new Missions interface in Spider Tanks
new Missions interface in Spider Tanks

What is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks is an eSport, MOBA game and part of the the Gala Games ecosystem. Spider Tanks sees teams of players piloting sci-fi, tankish-type vehicles in team battles.

Spider Tanks features several different game modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and Chicken Chase! And since this is a team based game, having a complementary group of tanks can make a big difference.

Every Tank comes with a few customizeable parts. The most important parts are the Body and the Weapon. The Body determines how much armor your tank has, how fast it moves, and how quickly it regains Energy, which is used to trigger abilities. Every tank will also need a Weapon. These come in many options — from a Gatling gun, to homing missiles, to healing turrets, and more! Your Tank and Weapon selections should match your planned playstyle.

On top of those, players may also equip Skins, or paint jobs for their Tanks, and equip Props. These are cosmetic items, but some do offer small bonuses as well. For those who don’t own any tanks or parts, Spider Tanks does include a rental system. And finally, each Player can pick two Abilities for their Tank before a match. Abilities take Energy to use and have cooldowns before they can be used again. Abilities include effects like Shields, Healing, Slows, etc.

Matches are usually pretty quick. Tanks don’t gain levels or stats during a game. It’s all about going in with the right setup and achieving the match goals for your team. Players earn Victory Points while playing, which automatically convert to SILK tokens at the end of the day.

For more about Spider Tanks read our how to play guide, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join the Gala Games Discord.

Spider Tanks screenshot

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