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Interview: What It’s Like to Have ASAP Rocky Jump Over You at the Met Gala

Interview: What It’s Like to Have ASAP Rocky Jump Over You at the Met Gala

The 2023 Met Gala produced a good amount of viral moments, chief among them ASAP Rocky deciding to hop over a barricade and using a woman’s face for leverage.

Following the incident, which took place outside the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, the 34-year-old artist hopped on social media to apologize, quote-tweeting the woman and writing, “Lol my fault $weetheart.”

On Tuesday, Complex got the chance to connect with Maddy, the bystander who came face to face with Rocky—or, maybe more accurately, face to hand—to get her side of what went down on and how she feels about it all.

And if you’re wondering: no, she has no plans of filing a lawsuit. “Stop asking if im suing asap literally how would i do that,” Maddy tweeted.

The 21-year-old, who posted up outside the hotel in hopes of getting a glimpse of celebrities, “had a ton of fun being out there” although the crowd was “really squished together,” calling it the only “downside” of the evening. “We all love the Met Gala so we went knowing what we were doing,” she said.

As for whether Rocky asked for permission to get by, Maddy recalled he “more so just said that he needed to get through.”

She continued, “I said ‘no’ because there wasn’t anywhere for me to go and everyone was shoving up. I had realized it was him but I didn’t fully process that it was him. After he jumped over, I had realized and I was just like, ‘That’s ASAP Rocky.’” 

Was it an upsetting experience in the moment?

“Yeah, I’d say I was a little mad,” Maddy shared. “We had been there all day and everyone was shoving so I was just in a bad mood at the moment.”

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Although “not a massive fan” of Rocky’s work, Maddy named “Sundress” as her favorite song by him. 

ASAP attended the Met Gala with Rihanna, who’s expecting their second child. Rocky wore a Gucci look comprised of a black leather tie, red tartan kilt, bedazzled jeans with multiple belts, and blazer, also working in sunglasses, square-tip boots, and Boucheron jewelry.

Image via ANGELA WEISS / AFP/Getty

Rihanna went with an extravagant Maison Valentino gown and, per Harper’s Bazaar, “a structured ivory top covered in rosettes” as well as “opera-length fingerless gloves and a pair of white sunglasses with attached faux eyelashes.”

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