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Interview with Meta Meerkat Club NFT

Interview with Meta Meerkat Club NFT

Hello community! Today’s guest is Kyle — Creator and Owner of Meta Meerkat Club.

Chris: Meta Meerkat Club comprises a collection of 10,011 escapee meerkats which will be available for minting to the investors. Please share some of the key inspirations that led to the creation of the meerkats.

Kyle: A few points: 

  1. Total collection size is 10,011 but this first drop will only be 4,505 Male Meerkats. We will then drop a second drop of 3,503 Female Meerkats and lastly 2,003 Pup Meerkats (Children). Over the course of the drops these will play vital roles especially for holders of each type. There are also a total of 11 Super Rare 1 of 1’s – if you are lucky to mint one you they will receive a 3D version plus 1ETH.
  2. The story behind meerkats is that in real life they live and work together in big groups called a Mob. They build, hunt do everything together. This is the whole philosophy behind choosing meerkats as we want to bring the same morals and work ethic to our community / mob who choose to be part of our mob.
  3. Being from South Africa ourselves we feel we have a true understanding and knowledge and are best to represent the Meerkats and the way they live and survive.

Chris: Moreover, the Meerkats hail from South Africa. What is it that makes them unique? How does working in larger groups help the development of the Meerkat community?

Kyle: Meerkats are unique for the way the live and survive together. The way they come together to help each other, to build and to live in general. We feel this is the best way for a real life community to behave. So much more can be achieved when people work together and this is the value we want to continue with going forward.

Chris: Consequently, how do the tokens and the token holders interact with each other on the Web3.0 platform?

Kyle: Currently the best way to communicate is thru Discord and Twitter but we have plans in the future to change this. We are already in the early stages of discussing about land we will purchase in the Metaverse – this will actually be one of the first big decisions we as a community / mob will vote on making together.

Chris: The Meerkat holders will also be granted decision-making power. How will the group arrive at a decision? What are the subjects on which decision-making of the token holders would be essential?

Kyle: We plan to have all holders each have a fair and genuine vote on all decisions. If there is ever a disagreement on anything we will talk it out before taking any actions.

Again going back to the way Meerkats live every day, we will strive to do the same with everything related to this project.

Chris: So, what exactly would the tokens look like? What will be some of the key differentiating features of the tokens that would render each one of them unique?

Kyle: The first drop of Male Meerkats are all hand drawn with many unique features guaranteeing no two will look the same.

There are also a total of 11 Super Rare 1 of 1’s distributed between the 3 drops – if you are lucky to mint one you they will receive a 3D version plus 1ETH.

Chris: Additionally, what would be the price of one token of the Meta Meerkat Club? How much of the cost component would account for gas?

Kyle: We decided to go with a low entry cost to give everyone the chance to join our mob.

Mint price is 0.055ETH plus GAS. We are using a ERC-721A smart contract for optimised GAS.

Chris: In the end, what will be the roadmap for the coming three months of the Meta Meerkat Club? What is the scope for the investors, expected to expand?

Kyle: Our roadmap is different from others. We are not giving any exact dates as we don’t want to rush anything. We will continue to keep the holders updated with every step taken along the way.

More info can be found here:

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