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My Defi Pet 1st Anniversary Celebrations

My Defi Pet 1st Anniversary Celebrations

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of My Defi Pet, Whydah, the Vietnam-based blockchain developer has announced a series of activities that will bring attractive rewards and surprises for players. The Birthday event of My Defi Pet comes with exciting announcements that include the official release of the V2 Pet Collection with new characters and attributes, the introduction of a DAO, and huge rewards. Defi Pet is a pet simulation game that allows players to collect NFT Pets and engage in activities like summoning, breeding and bidding, battles, trading, and a lot more.

The Blazing Race is an ongoing warm-up event before the release of My Defi Pet V2. The event started on April 22, 2022, and will continue till June 15, 2022. The Blazing Race event consists of in-game mini-events including the Frame Design event, the introduction of DAO, voting of V2 proposals, and special in-game items. On June 3, 2022, the weeklong birthday party of My Defi Pet will be celebrated through rewards and gift distribution for players. To mark the occasion of the 1st anniversary, the development team has redesigned the official website of Defi Pet giving it a user-friendly and contemporary appearance.

My Defi Pet introdues its DAO

The introduction of a (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) DAO in My Defi Pet will allow players to vote on game decisions from now on. Players holding $DPET – the official token of the game will be eligible to vote on new features and proposals besides holding pets. The DAO has been introduced to empower user rights and a prize pool of 10,000 USD will be awarded proportionally to a player for his vote. The Pet V2 Proposals were open for voting from 24th to 28th May 2022 for all DPET holders. Players had to vote whether the Pet V1 eggs would be continued in Pet V2 or not. In the voting round, voters got a chance to win exciting in-game items.

Overview of My Defi Pet in the past 1 year

After the completion of one year, My Defi Pet has already entered the stage of popular blockchain games like Axie Infinity and Pegaxy with the objective of keeping a lower token activity. Players have minted more than 3.3 million pets out of which the most expensive resale was 5 BNB. 

My Defi Pets has achieved several milestones over its first year being the 8th most-played blockchain game in BNB Chain. The game also stayed in the top 10 Trending Coin on CoinGecko for multiple consecutive weeks, among the top 5 play-to-earn games in July 2021, the #1 game by BSC Daily, top 1 finalist in Vietnam Super Blockathon, and much more. The game is considered to have the potential for competing with games like Axie Infinity as it continues to work on a user-friendly interface with continuous updates and new features.

My Defi Pet V1 Overview

What is My Defi Pet?

My Defi Pet is a pet simulation game that was released on May 14, 2021, and instantly became a trending game in the blockchain gaming universe. The game runs on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain with cross-blockchain tradable assets or NFTs i.e the NFTs are tradable on Etherium, BSC, Polkadot, and KardiaChain or any major blockchain community.

The integration of a Decentralized Finance concept inside the game has led to mass adoption as players can collect NFT assets and sell them for profit. You can customize your pets, add new features and sell them on marketplaces to earn money. The rarity and epicness of a pet will decide the pricing of the pets on marketplaces.

The theme of the game is to collect NFT pets, grow them, breed them and add additional features by customizing them. There are missions and seasonal events in the game in which you can participate to earn cool rewards. Players can sell, trade, or purchase new NFT pets, improve stats and abilities and engage in combat battles with pets. My Defi Pets has a stunning environment and a variety of species with traditional gaming principles which make this game suitable for pet lovers who are new to the play-to-earn domain.

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