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It’s Nothing NFT Revealed…and It’s Literally Nothing.

It’s Nothing NFT Revealed…and It’s Literally Nothing.

The free-to-mint NFT collection, It’s Nothing has finally revealed its NFTs. And—there’s no easier way to say this—it’s nothing, literally. The NFTs are just blank—absolutely nothing. Needless to say, the reveal has left NFT Twitter in splits. Here’s a closer look into what we know so far about the It’s Nothing NFT collection.

The NFTs in the collection are just blank. Credit: OpenSea

What is It’s Nothing NFT collection?

The It’s Nothing NFT collection dropped on June 23. Like most free-to-mint NFT collections that launched recently, this project hardly made any promises. In fact, it promised nothing at all. In fact, prior to mint, all it said is, “Something is coming. Jun 23. Free mint. It’s nothing.”

Yet, the collection sold out the very next day of its public sale. Currently, its floor price is at 0.027 ETH. What’s more, it has amassed 585 ETH or about $662,000. That is definitely a lot of money for something that offers, um, nothing.

Recently, the It’s Nothing NFT project put out a text overlay video on both its Twitter and website. “The NFT space was meant to build a new world,” it said. “Many promises ended up being nothing…Projects with no sustainable roadmap and no future… Let us reset. Start from nothing. Build towards a better future together.”

The project also added that this is a new beginning and the collectors are in control of how they shape the space. 

Twitter reacts to It’s Nothing reveal

Soon after the It’s Nothing NFT reveal, Twitter had a field day. Some called it the “perfect rug”. Some others pointed out how there have been other projects called nothing before with blank tokens. 

“I mean.. they delivered..,” Twitter user InvestTony tweeted. 

“Yet, with our meaningful project, with purpose, mission, carefully planned roadmap and charity, we still have to beg people to mint and support us,” ArtCats.eth wrote. “And when project like this one gets sold out we are curious, what we are doing wrong?”

Well, will It’s Nothing NFT continue to do nothing? Or as hinted in the video, will they let the community take it forward? We’ll know in the coming weeks and months. 

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