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VulcanVerse Major Roadmap Update – Play to Earn

VulcanVerse Major Roadmap Update – Play to Earn

The VulcanForged team recently shared some insights about the VulcanVerse’s roadmap along with some major updates. Three development teams are currently updating the game to speed up the development process. Some of the major updates in the game include VV Quest System, Lava bank, foraging system, achievements, fishing, summoning system, and much more.

New Quest System

The quest system has been modified to enhance them and balance rewards by reducing inflation. A random quest system will be integrated where players will get two random quests each day. These quests need to be completed within that day, failing which the quest will be lost. Players will receive one quest each from two quest givers with categories ranging from Foraging and Fighting to Delivery and Landmarks. There are four quest givers – Rhadamanthus, The Sphinx, Nysa Queen of the Oreads, and King Lykaon. The quests with new functionalities will be added to the game soon.

Lava Bank

The Lava Bank is a place in the Vulcan city where players can keep some of their $LAVA tokens for a period for which they will receive rewards at the end of each week. The Lava bank works similar to a normal bank as you can deposit the weekly payout instead of withdrawing. The more money you deposit, the more will be the return value. There are three plans to choose from: flexible, 1-month lock, and 3-month lock providing 5%, 8%, and 14% interest, respectively.

Foraging System

The Foraging system allows you to earn a key, giving access to drops from existing loot tables depending on the kind of key. The keys can open a chest, and each chest has its loot table. For example, if you open the treasure chest with the gold key, you will be awarded 120 XP. But to use the key and open specific chests, you have to spend $LAVA. The drop rates of Copper, Silver, and Gold key are 1%, 0.25%, and 0.042%, respectively. Players will also receive rewards for foraging one copper key (20XP) and opening one copper chest (20XP).


Achievement is a system-like quest that will be integrated with new features so that players can see what achievements they have completed along with the day of completion. You can track your progress, complete pending achievements, and inspect rewards. Title rewards will be given to players for completing achievement stages. 

Some of the achievements include World Explorer – Visit every Landmark, Cult member – Log in for seven consecutive days, Cult Fanatic – Log in for 30 consecutive days, As the King commands – Complete the first 3 King Lykaon’s Quests, Ancient scriptures – Open a chest containing a scroll, and much more.

Players can earn title names that can be displayed beside their profile name. Title names are prefixes to the player’s name, such as Fisher John and Exalted John.


The fishing area is divided into four quadrants. Each Quadrant will have a unique fish: Smoulderfish in Hades, Rainbow Fish in Arcadia, Silverfish in Boreas, and Sunfire Fish in Notus. In addition, there are three variants of fish: Small-X-fish, X-fish, and Big-X-fish, along with a legendary fish that can be found in the VulcanVerse world. Players will receive 1-3 XP awards depending on the size of the fish. Fishing has 2 hour cooldown period and has no “fail-chance.”

Players can access fishing quests once they complete a short introductory quest. Daily fishing quests require players to catch X amount of fish to complete the quest and earn rewards. Once a player has caught a fish, it can be gutted by a fishmonger NPC to get a $LAVA token and in-game items.

VulcanVerse Fishing

Summoning System

The summoning system will allow players to summon a permanent Vulcanite NFT using three out of 12 scrolls inside the game. The fragment items required for each Vulcanite are unique and can be acquired from chests. There are four summoning places Boreas, Notus, Hades, and Arcadia. Vulcanites can only be summoned in their area of origin or Quadrant. A menu will allow players to summon character NFTs with scrolls or fragments. Some of the game’s fragments are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Hex, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Lambda, and Mu.

VulcanVerse Summoning System

Alchemy System

The Alchemy station is a place in VulcanVerse where players can make potions using ingredients. The station will have NFT variation, and limited NFT can be placed in plots. Players must complete a short introductory quest to use Alchemy stations. The Alchemy Station is an NFT that will produce double the amount of potion and requires no cost. Players having NFTs can gain 1XP for every double craft that the Alchemy Station will produce for other players. Daily quests of Alchemy will require players to make X amount of ingredients. Ingredient making takes only two seconds but does not award XP.

Lava Vulcanite Unlocking

Players can summon a Vulcanite of a specific Quadrant if they have the appropriate NFT for that Quadrant. Only Vulcanites that don’t have the same or lower level than Avatar level can be summoned. The summoning will take place at altar locations described in summoning.

VulcanVerse Lava Vulcanite Unlocking

What is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a decentralized open-world blockchain game where you can travel around and interact with games and events. Vulcan Forged is the blockchain gaming studio that has developed this game. The MMORPG game is built using blockchain technology and consists of land parcels represented by NFTs. You can build or trade lands and sell lands on the game’s marketplace. Lands give access to new features, buildings, and NFT creatures called Vulcanites. These Vulcanites will accompany you throughout the game and have unique skills that can be powered up.

$LAVA is the primary token of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Players can earn $LAVA tokens after attaining 10k XP. The $LAVA token can be used for forging special NFTs and leveling up characters. The second native token in the Vulcan ecosystem is $PYR and can be earned by selling $LAVA tokens.

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