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Jägermeister Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021

Jägermeister Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021

With the release of the new “Best Nights” Collection, Jägermeister delivers fresh streetwear styles for 2021. The 12-piece collection conveys a message of confidence, reminding everyone that things will get better eventually – and that the best nights are yet to come. In preparation for that, Jägermeister already serves the perfect gear for an unforgettable night out.

Jägermeister - Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021 (Gramps)

Jägermeister Goes International

After dipping their toes into the streetwear realms with a celebrated KangaROOS collab, Jägermeister launched their “First Drop” capsule collection in late 2019. With to sleek designs and the support of style-savvy tastemakers, the brand proved that its fashion efforts were serious. A couple of familiar faces from the first drop like Christopher Blumenthal and Gramps now return to up the ante. In addition, Jägermeister enlisted further talent from the international streetwear community. Model and stylist Lisa Anckarman (Sweden), rapper DALYB (Slovakia) as well as BLOODY OSIRIS from New York are some of the creatives that worked on the 2021 campaign. Due to COVID regulations, thetalents not only appear as models but also produced their campaign images themselves. Chris is especially happy to represent the brand once more together with this cross-border cast of creatives: “It’s a huge honor for me to be part of the international BEST NIGHTS collection alongside well-known names from the scene, like Bloody Osiris. It puts a grin right on my face when I talk about it.”

Jägermeister - Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021 (Lisa Anckarman)
Jägermeister - Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021 (Christpher Blumenthal)

Designed for the Best Nights

While the 2019 collection featured direct references to the distillery, the Best Nights collection uses a more traditional motif. Championing a street style favorite, the drop’s key motif is a camo pattern in orange and green – Jägermeister’s signature colors. A similiarly minimalistc approach appears on the tags that read “CIRCLE STAG RAY CROSS”. Next to this reference to the world-famous Jägermeister logo, the site coordinates Jägermeister’s birthplace Wolfenbüttel also appear on all items. Other than that, the pieces celebrate freedom, friendship and lust for life with subtle details. Among those are subtle prints that deliver a dictionary explanation for the German word “Prost” (which means “Cheers!”) as well as photo prints of carefree nightlife scenes. Always on the lookout for the flyest gear, Gramps already picked some favorites out of the drop: “I like the hoodie, the camo joggers and the scarf the most. The hoodie is nicely cut, has an eye-catching back print and a high quality feel. The jogger is a real head-turner and the scarf keeps me warm during cold days.”

All pieces from the “Best Nights” collection are made from 100 % organic cotton (OCS-certified) and were produced in the EU. To support club culture, Jägermeister also donates 1 € from every order of the new collection to United We Stream. The global cultural platform and streaming initiative supports creatives during the COVID-19 pandemic and is the perfect match for this collection.

Jägermeister - Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021 (DALYB)
Jägermeister - Best Nights Streetwear Collection 2021 (Overview)

Release Details – Jägermeister Best Nights Collection

The Jägermeister Best Nights Collection releases on January 31, 2021 at 3:00 PM (CET). It drops via and is available in Germany as well as 21 other countries in Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia (Taiwan).

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