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Moon Marbles Host An Event To Help Hack Victim Recover ETH

Moon Marbles Host An Event To Help Hack Victim Recover ETH

There seems to be no end to NFT scams, with the latest victim being BODL NFT founder, Neil. However, soon after they shared their story, Moon Marbles announced an event to help Neil recover some of their lost ETH. Here’s all you need to know about what Moon Marbles did to help the hack victim.

Moon Marbles donated 0.30 ETH to the hack victim.

NFT scam: What happened to Neil’s assets?

On Friday, June 24, Neil took to Twitter to share how they lost most of their NFTs. Apparently, a “distracted” Neil was waiting to see an ENT specialist, when a “random mutant ape” tagged them in a tweet. The tweet had a link to mint a pre-mint pass.

Unfortunately, believing the link to be genuine, Neil copied the link to their MetaMask app and tried minting. When this didn’t work, they sent the link to their friend to mint it from their end. It was then that Neil realised someone had scammed them, due to a lack of due diligence. 

Neil added that they lost a majority of their NFTs, including Wolf Game pouches worth about $700,000 and nearly 20 ETH. 

How did Moon Marbles help the victim?

Soon after Neil shared their ordeal, Moon Marbles, an Ethereum chain game, came to their aid. 

“Sadly, one of our Wolf Game family members @neilbodl recently was hacked losing all assets and $WOOL,” Moon Marbles tweeted on Saturday. “We will be hosting a multi-race tournament and giving 75% of the proceeds to Neil and 25% will go towards the top 3 winners.”

The event went live at 6 pm PDT on June 25. To enter, users had to pay 0.03 ETH as an entry fee. Reportedly, after the event, Moon Marbles sent over 0.30 ETH to the hack victim. 

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