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Waxel World Settlement Upgrades Drop

Waxel World Settlement Upgrades Drop

It’s been quite a while since we checked in with Waxel World. And with an upcoming drop of Settlement Upgrade NFTs for their virtual world, it feels like a good time to catch up. The team hopes to release Waxel World around mid July, which is not far away!

In Waxel World, players use their Waxel Ninjas to attract new Citizens to their Settlement. Then, they combine groups of Citizens with a Book of Profession to create a Profession NFT. The basic harvesting professions, Miner, Lumberjack, and Farmer, require five Citizens. The crafting professions, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Tailor, and Engineer, each require ten Citizens!

Settlement Upgrades

Waxel Ninjas profession blend

Each player can only have one Settlement. And every Settlement is limited to holding a maximum of 10 Waxel Ninjas, 10 Lumberjacks, 10 Miners, and 10 Farmers. If a player wants to host a larger group of gatherers, they will need Settlement Upgrade NFTs.

This Settlement Upgrade sale features four different NFTs — Camps, Mines, Forests, and Fields. For each Settlement Upgrade registered with a Settlement, the max capacity for the associated profession is increased by 10. Camps are for Waxel Ninjas. And, as you might expect, Mines for Miners, Forests for Lumberjacks, and Fields for Farmers. These upgrades also provide a basic, non-cumulative bonus towards harvesting their related resources.

However, most players probably won’t have a need for these Upgrades. The base limit of 10 Ninjas and professional workers should be enough for 90% of the players. Though, there is always the passive bonus these Upgrades provide. As well as the possibility that they will have more use in the future.

For those that are interested, the drop kicks off on June 29th at 6pm CEST for anyone holding a Waxel Ninja Avatar. Avatar Holders also receive a 10% discount on purchases in this sale. Twenty-four hours later, on June 30th, the sale opens up to the public. Camps cost $250 while the other Upgrades cost $200. There are only 200 of each NFT available across both sales, making this a pretty exclusive drop.

As an additional bonus, the Waxel World team decided to lower their secondary market fees from 10% to 6%, beginning on July 1st.

Waxel World screenshot

What is Waxel World?

Waxel World is a virtual world build around Waxel Ninjas, generative, ninja NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Not content to just create another generative PFP project, Waxel Ninjas expanded their plans to include building a virtual world. They have been working on this new project for over a year now, and are close to releasing the first version to the public.

In Waxel world, players use their Waxel Ninjas to gather Citizens then use those Citizens to create workers with a Profession. These workers gather raw materials and craft Items. Workers can equip some Items for bonuses to their production. Items have a durability rating, allowing them to be used only a limited number of times. After an Item ‘breaks’, it can be destroyed with a chance of returning some of the material used to craft it.

In order to keep the market from becoming perpetually more diluted with Professions, each Profession also has limited uses. Once a Profession NFT can no longer produce anything, players can “retire” them, with a chance of receiving a new Citizen in return. All Professions and Items exist as NFTs, so players can buy what they need to get started, or sell their extra Professions and Items on the markets. Players can also bundle groups of 10 Citizens or raw materials into a pack and turn it into an NFT for selling or trading.

Waxel World has teamed with a project called Machinations, which provides tokenomic and game economy simulations. You can see a simulation of the Waxel World economy using Machinations, which seems like a pretty cool and potentially very useful tool!

Waxel World preview
Waxel World preview

Of course, this is just the beginning. The team hopes to expand the world with new Professions, a Food and energy system, player housing, missions, dungeons, pets, and more! We’ll be sure to let you know when Waxel World is open to the public. But in the meantime, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord to keep up with the most recent announcements.

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