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MYAR Kids is a childrenswear line dedicated to sustainability

MYAR Kids is a childrenswear line dedicated to sustainability

MYAR Kids is a stylish childrenswear line dedicated to sustainability

Founded by Andrea Rosso in 2017, MYAR is a unisex, utilitarian clothing line created with recovered military apparel in Italy. The sustainable label offers a fresh, modern view of the past. MYAR, an anagram of Army, merges function and design with their re-worked, contemporary clothing.

We sat down with Brave Kid, the manufacturer of the MYAR Kids collection and a leader in the sector, to ask a few questions about the latest MYAR Kids collection and what makes it unique.

How does MYAR Kids manage to capture the essence of the brand? Which elements of the adult collection are also present in the children’s one?

Launched as a male brand of military garments revisited through a sartorial sensibility combined with functional constructions, MYAR quickly discovered that their look takes on an intriguing and sensual connotation when worn by women.

With MYAR Kids, the brand approaches the world of children’s wear, bringing a charge of joy and playfulness to the military aesthetic.

How important is comfort in the children’s collection compared to the adult collection?

Comfort is an essential element in children’s collections, the shapes and fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure comfort and functionality without sacrificing style.

And how do you manage to combine comfort and style?

The visionary approach of the adult MYAR brand is translated into the world of children, maintaining and reinforcing the brand’s DNA, always without neglecting the specific needs of comfort and wearability of the children’s lines.

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In terms of sizes and wearability, is there anything in particular to keep in mind with MYAR Kids?

MYAR kids collections are designed for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12.

Starting from the assumption that through fun and captivating images and graphics, MYAR collections can affect not only the environmental education of the little ones, but also their parents, thus contributing to the preservation of the planet.

What materials do you mainly use for your collections, and how do you select them?

All MYAR garments are the result of an upcycling process which, through creative recycling, breathes new life into fabric scraps and leftovers from, among other things, the various OTB Group companies.

How would you describe MYAR Kids in three words?

Reduce / Reuse / Upcycling

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How would you like children to feel wearing MYAR Kids clothes?

In line with the educational but fun spirit of the collection, each piece is enriched by a QR code which, once scanned, offers a series of information relating to the genesis of the product and the sustainable practices that have been implemented to make it.

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Finally, can you create two outfits – one for girls and one for boys?

myar kids collection at italistHere are the images of the chosen looks. Above: graphic-print sweatshirt and camo trousers.

Below: multi-illustration fleece pullover and matching trousers.

myar kids collection at italist

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