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New Balance 57/40 – Release Details 2021 Sneakers Magazine

New Balance 57/40 – Release Details 2021 Sneakers Magazine

When there’s a new NB model, bet that the Boston brand includes a nod to their rich catalog of classics. That’s also the case for the New Balance 57/40, a fresh silhouette that updates the timeless 574.

More than three decades in, the 574 is still a go-to sneaker for New Balance fans and sneakerheads in general. Even though its appeal is far from declining, the NB design team now decided to give it a modernized update – all while staying true to its roots. Take a mix of leather, suede and breathable mesh, a pronounced midsole plus an unmistakable “N” logo and you got yourself a New Balance classic in the making.

In addition, the colorful like accents that appear on both the black and the white hero styles remind of the vintage Apple logo – which is a great detail considering how much Steve Jobs loved a pair of classic New Balance shoes. Placed atop the traditional 574 outsole, the 57/40 is ready to be your everday pair just as its famous archetype.

When it first launched in 1988, the New Balance 574 was intented as an all-terrain running sneaker. Its durability, premium quality and ageless style then made it a fan-favorite that long escaped the performance world and remains one of the brand’s most popular models.

Release Details – New Balance 57/40

The New Balance 57/40 releases on January 29, 2021. It drops via as well as at select retailers and goes for 140 €. Watch out for more colorways and material combinations throughout the year.

Until then, also check the New Balance X-Racer Utility for an outdoor-ready sneaker from the athletic brand.

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